I saw the movie Stranger Than Fiction today and I can't help but entertain this thought which entered my head; are we all characters in our own stories?

(I was never a big fan of Will Ferrell's but I must say the role suited him well)

Think about it, everyone at some point in their lives think their life is boring; that they do everything in some sort of routine every single day of their lives; until that unfortunate day when they die. What if, indeed it is all true, you ARE a character and your author wrote you a boring accountant's (I'm not saying all accountants are boring) life, or that your author MADE you a horribly monotonous bank clerk (again, I'm not saying all bank clerks are boring).

We also thought all professors in general lead a very uninteresting life, I stand corrected *wink*. Isn't that right, Sunshine?

In Will Ferrell's case, he IS a very boring IRS agent who counts his tooth brush strokes everyday all his life, he who counts his steps to work, counts the number of stairs, and so forth, life doesn't get any more boring than that! "Little did he know" that it was all going to change on one fine Wednesday.

So instead of waiting to be startled by a narrating voice in your head one fine morning, why not start living life a little different from now on? Do a little something for your soul, dance in rain if you want, swim naked if you're not breaking any laws, bake a really horrible batch of cookies and show it off to your neighbours and watch their face cringe when you insist they take a bite, the list is endless.

Say if my life was a fictional novel, I could imagine an excerpt like this one:-

"Her phone alarm rang at the usual 7.00am. The cheery Candy
Mountain song from Charlie the
did nothing to wake her up just yet. She hits the
snooze button for the fourth time; the same thing she does every morning for the
past month since starting her new job. Her new morning job.

Knowing if she hits the evil snooze button a fifth time would result in
her getting late to work, she reluctantly rolled out of bed to take a shower. A
shower which lasts exactly 20 minutes. She hates it when the hot shower is
finally over, because then, she would have to endure a few seconds of coldness
on the way back to her room. She hates being cold in the mornings because it
just makes her want to crawl back under the covers.

After her usual 20 more minutes of putting on makeup and deciding on
what NOT to wear for that day, she leaves for work. It's the usual 20 minute
drive to work again and sometimes she wonders if her life is lived within
fractions of 20 minutes. The thought usually passes without so much as a shrug.
The drive to work was smooth and it just seemed like any other drives to work.
Only today, is the day where it happened. Little did she know that it was the
day that her live was going to change, forever."

See what I mean? Living a life of fiction really isn't that bad, is it? Actually I would like to know what happened to her too. Did she find a briefcase and became an instant millionaire? Her financial woes are forever gone? Or did her phone ring and she hears good news that made her heart skip with glee and she sings merrily all the way to work?

If you ever find out, please let me know =)

The End
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  1. May Says:

    it's true...we should change our routine life a lil. Eg. take different route to work. The funny thing about life is people have the tendency to stay in their comfort zone so that's why they are stuck in their 'robotic' life.

    I totally agree with you. We should do something different and never regret with our life when we die. I'm not regretting with what i am doing now.

    So before i die...I don't want to feel regret for not telling my loved ones that I love him alot...I try telling him everyday and showing him in every way that I love him so much...So if I really do leave the world tomorrow, at least I let him know that I love him so much and will never ever forget him till eternity...


    i love u too, jill. U are my bestest friend and i'll never forget u...

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