How long has it been since you rewarded yourself for no reason in particular? I mean, really really pay that extra attention to yourself, giving you what you want?

I reward myself with little things such as an extra teaspoon of sugar (ignoring that little bit of extra calory) or I'd buy myself something new or a little something expensive just because I achieved a goal, or when I finally got whatever it is that I've been procrastinating for ages done.

You know how people in arguments yell; "It's always YOU! YOU YOU YOU, I want some ME!". When did you give yourself any "Me Time"? Too long ago perhaps.

I did just that today.

No matter that it's Saturday and I was supposed to be hanging out with my friends, go shopping or just gossip over a cup of caramel macchiato. It's really been a while since I spent time with myself, just me, doing what I want to do, instead of compromising with what everyone wants to do.

Everyone who knows me knows about my obsessive compulsions. I clean when I'm upset. I clean when I need to feel better. I clean when I'm angry. I clean. It sounds stupid I know, but I can't help it, after cleaning out my room, I continued with my bathroom, I even soaked the floor tiles with antiseptic so that all those stubborn stains would go away. Actually there aren't any because I've been cleaning my bathroom every three days; but that's besides the point.

After all that, I took a very, very long shower. Let's just say that if I were a floor, I'd be squeeking clean.

(Nothing beats standing under the hot shower, just feeling the hot water trickle down your face...)

I guess I this wasn't the most cheerful of my entries, it's not a very good way to start, is it?
Well, I just spent a lonely, quiet day by myself and who else could ever be a better company? Exactly.
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  1. May Says:

    Yeah..it's cool to have "Self-Pampering" day. I do! Well, i like long shower, soaking in da bath tub with scented candles, treat myself with a good cuppa coffee and a ciggy. I even went to exercise n have breakfast all by myself!!

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