Coincidence or irony. I can't decide.

I saw Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street yesterday. Truth be told that I've never seen a killer barber in a musical before. Therefore I must say that movie thrilled me greatly. Furthermore being an avid Depp fan, nothing that actor does could ever go wrong.

(Johnny Depp doing what he does best, being creepy and weird yet lovable)

As if I've not seen enough blood since the last 24-hour period, I broke a porcelain bowl and gashed my index finger. I've really not seen so much blood since I took a blood test perhaps half a year ago.

( I am NOT exaggerating, it's a huge gash!)

There was nothing I could do except hold out my finger in that pointed position in agony. All the while squirming at the sight of all that blood. It even soaked through the tissues I used. I call this serious bleeding. I should have just let that stupid bowl break instead of attempting to catch it. After all that it broke anyway. This serves as a lesson, I shall not try to save anything from falling onto the ground, I'll just jump away and save myself.

This is just my second entry here and I feel like a whiner already. Oh well, it's Sunday, I'm entitled to.

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  1. Sobriquet Says:

    Well well well, a new site for ur blog entries. Impressive eh. Thank goodness you informed me now, or i would have missed out on my "Jillian's blogs' fix". Lolz. Well, keep on blogging, cause i'll keep on reading...!!! Hohohoho......

  2. Oberon Says:

    .....i love johnny depp.

  3. Oberon Says:

    .....i love johnny depp.

  4. Sugarscamp Says:

    The gash doesnt seem to be healing...*humbug*

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