This is just a random picture I ripped off the internet. No copyright infringement intended.

Guy in white tee with red stripe over the shoulder (White): Abang, parking 2 ringgit.
(Bro, the parking fee is 2 ringgit)

Guy in blue (Blue): Hah? Apa? Tadi bila park sudah bayar ma...
(Huh? What? I've paid earlier when I parked the car)

White: Tadak, tadak, tadi masa masuk lu tak kasi wa
(No, no, when you came in earlier you did not pay me)

Blue: Aiyo, sekarang saya sudah nak keluar, tak payah laa
(Oh, I'm leaving now, so I'm not paying)

White: Tak boleh laa abang, sini kita jaga mesti bayar
(We can't do that bro, we overlook the cars parked here, so you have to pay)

Blue: You jangan manyak cakap arr, saya boleh report polis tau!
(Don't you talk so much, I can report this to the police you know!)

White guy then squats in front of car and refuses to budge.

White: Report laa! You mia kereta tak leh keluar, report laa!
(Go ahead and report, your car is stuck here, go ahead and report!)

Hence, Blue not wanting any trouble pays up the 3 ringgit and moved on with his life. Just another consumer being bullied by illegal 'parking attendants'.

I guess it'll make more sense if you're a Malaysian too. Of course, I made up the squatting part, a real 'parking attendant' would get rough or call his other 'brothers' to harrass you or your car if you don't pay up. Therefore, many would rather pay the hefty parking fees to these illegal attendants (which could range frm RM1 to RM4 during off-peak hours and up to RM15 during peak, clubbing hours) rather than risk getting their cars scratched or having their windows smashed in.

Welcome to Malaysia, drivers!

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