You know how it is come Monday (or any other day for that matter really) morning when you have to get back to work after that relaxing weekend? Well really, even if you did nothing but sit around and shoot enemy planes all weekend, it WILL still be dreadful to go back to work the following morning. This is partly why I hate Mondays. But also partly because Mondays are blue. It's not my favourite colour

I was just kidding about that last part.

Anyway, if this were a magazine article, one would turn the page away already because I've been babbling so much.

So here we are, my very own Top Five List (I feel like David Letterman, except he usually has 10).

5ive. You wipe eraser bits from your desk. Be sure to look under the pencil holder. A clean workspace ensures maximum concentration. C'mon, otherwise you know that spec of dust will distract you from getting any real work done.

4our. You leaf through your files. Make sure you frown a little so that people get the impression that you are looking for something really important. People automatically feel the need to increase their own productivity when they see their colleague(s) hard at work. Create peer pressure!

3hree. You drink water frequently and you visit that loo often. The more trips you make, the better. Thus, with better blood circulation from all that walking around, you're less of a dull employee.

Now, this is extremely important to ensure you produce according to what you're being paid for;

(Picture courtesy of this link)

2wo. Filing. It's better if you did all your filing yourself because you know how other people do not really care about YOUR files. You file your documents accordingly, alphabetically if it's not too much trouble, of course. Say you're in the middle of a conversation and Mr Smith asks you to check his account; you slide right into 'S' and there you are. I don't believe in random filing.

(Picture courtesy of some student's blog which I found. Thank you. And no, it doesn't count!)

And finally;

1ne. Never, EVER skip that lunch break. No one could work for 9 straight hours, who are we kidding? You take that lunch break, 2 hours if you must, because let's face it, who could actually work on an empty stomach? And we all know a limp looking sandwich isn't going to make us happy, is it? We've discussed earlier (did we?) that an unhappy employee is NOT a productive employee.

So there you go, practise this 5 tips everyday and your boss will absolutely love you!

(Actually this doesn't really look that bad, does it? Mmmm...)

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  1. Sobriquet Says:

    Hold on a minute. I felt a sense of deja vu with this post. Didn't you post something like this about giving the impression that you're REALLY working in your Friendster blog? Or am I wrong? Lemme know...LOL

  2. Sugarscamp Says:

    Lol, yes, omg u rmbred! I did post something about similiar to this one on Friendster. I guess I ran out of ideas and did a revisit =)

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