Have you ever wondered if your parents had let you play with the rights toys when you were a kid? Or, if you have kids, are YOU giving them the access to the right toys?

Think about it, teddy bears; sure they are cute and cuddly, but in reality, bears are known to be one of the most vicious killing beasts when provoked. So are we telling the kids to go pet a bear if they see a real one? Not only are teddy bears lined up on every toy shelf everywhere, bears are also very popular characters in cartoon shows, remember the Care Bears? or Garfield's bear Pookie (which by the way, check out what Pookie means if you have the time *wink*)? Now if Yogi Bear were real, he would look like this:

(It's really not something you'd want to kid about, is it?)

And don't get me started on kids who play with a certain mouse character. Think about it, mice, rodents, rats? Doesn't all those words make you wince? It does me.

What about cooking sets? There are toys for every kitchen equipment there is; toy ovens that make a *ting* sound when the 'food' is ready, stoves, knives, spatulas (now we know hitting people with spatulas has been long implanted in our minds since we were kids), and every possible kitchenware you can think of. What if the child decides to play with the 'real stuff' when the parents are not looking. I know I have considered playing with real eggs a few times when my parents left me alone.

(Actually this miniature set looks so real that I still feel like playing with it, I'd probably be taller than that, so I could play Mrs. Giant)

I'm not exactly being bitter over my childhood, I had a lot of great toys when I was young, anything could be a toy; a beaten up old cardboard box, I played house by myself because I didn't have any siblings till I was five. I've actually had a whole box of miniature kitchen sets, dolls (which I would talk to, being an only child and all), and I even had He-Man toys and robots which I would always imagine were bad guys coming out to get my Barbie Dolls.

It's just food for thought; are YOUR kids playing with the right toys?

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  1. Sobriquet Says:

    Playing with a toy mouse huh? A picture of a rat wounded you didn't it? LOL. Well, I remember your dad gave you a toy that touched you. Hehe. Toys.....part and parcel of a kid's life ain't it? Can't complain much...

  2. Sugarscamp Says:

    I had a bad experience with a toy mouse at the supermarket. I jumped up and hurt myself. Oh and yes, that toy my dad gave me meant so much, it still kind of does... =)

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