The best thing about working in a 5-day week job is that the weekends seem to approach faster. One moment you're worried about going out with Mr. Monday and the next you know, you're dating Mr. Friday. Sounds familiar? Yeah, exciting isn't it?

When the weekend arrives, one is compelled to spend Friday evening having coffee with her friends; just a girly evening out where everyone just sits around a small little table under the Starbucks canopy drinking their favourite latte or macchiato. Why can't I just enjoy this seemingly relaxing evening without having to battle thousands of mosquitos? I usually don't get bitten by 'em. "Your blood is just not sweet enough" my friends tell me. These killer insects must be really hungry that night, they're out to draw blood. The two other girls sitting with me had a hard time trying to swat them away. But me, I just sat there, watching them, laughing at them, gloating at the same time that I don't have that problem.

But little did I know,
(Left polka dot leg)

(Right polka dot leg)

See how dangerous those little killers are?

Before I end today's entry, here's something we spotted while walking idly around the mall on Friday evening.

This mannequin was spotted in that awkward position in one of the shoplots at Queensbay Mall. It was just left there with its crotch hanging out for all to see. After a few minutes of which we started taking pictures, the shop assistant came out and tried to dress the poor fella; which looked even funnier; a guy dressing another guy *snicker*.

Fun weekend eh?

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