Here's another entry on my ongoing "A Closer Look at" series. The series brings you my thoughts and ramblings on things that has so much regularity that it might be overlooked. But if you look close enough, I'm sure you'd discover some amazing, or more often; funny sights amongst us.

I was out to meet my cousin sometime last week and I saw this couple on a motorcycle. Nothing unusual about that. I looked again and saw that they were actually returning from grocery shopping. Seeing that it's only a tiny motorcycle, guess how did they carry their load of groceries? They simply used one of those supermarket trolleys. Isn't it convenient? Shop at a supermarket, bring home the trolley together with you? So, the wife was dragging the supermarket trolley all the way from from the supermarket; holding the trolley with one hand...dangerous or not, you be the judge. If there was a spot to stop by the roadside I'd snap a picture.
Well, if I DID snap a photo, it would probably look like this:-

(Now picture this without the desert-looking background and a lot more cars, oh and a cart full of groceries instead of being empty like that...you get the idea)

Have you ever looked at aluminium cans and think that they look like extremely happy-looking smileys?

Do you see it now? Two eyes, a tiny button nose and a GIANT, hollow smile. Yeah, you tend to notice these things when you have too much time on your hands. And if you stare at it long enough, it seems to be saying "aaaaaaaaaagh" to you. I am not crazy, just try it out to see what I mean. Look at the picture for a few seconds. Then tell me what you think.

Oh well, if it doesn't work for you, maybe I am crazy after all.

The weekend's here and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm always excited about weekends even though it means just sitting at home and catching up on a few extra hours of nap.
Doing nothing mostly...I'm just looking forward to the time I could spend listening to a few jazz tracks, sip iced tea and
occupy myself with happy thoughts.

I think this is pretty much it for this entry. I seem to be posting very boring entries these days. I would probably have more to write about in a few weeks' time when I return from my trip from South Korea. More on that when I come back. In the meanwhile, dear readers, you'll have to just bear with my tiresome ramblings.

Have a good weekend everyone, and to those who plan to just stay out in the sun, don't get burnt!

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