When people talk about dream holidays, the images that immediately start flashing are ones with lots of beautiful beaches, historical sites or popular places of interest. Those may be true. But to me, what makes a vacation truly memorable is who u spend it with.

I was in South Korea over the last 10 days. I was looking forward to this trip more than I ever looked forward to anything in my life so far. I've always known that I'd enjoy myself just being there, but i didn't know that everything would be nothing short of perfect.

First of all, I have to say that this is my first time visiting a four-season country. It's spring now in May. So when I first stepped out of the airport, I could barely believe that I'm actually there. The temprerature was about 15°C and I've never experience that kind of temperature before besides in a really cold office. As I got myself into a taxi, I was so excited that I did not fall asleep. Now this would sound silly to anyone but this is just the thing with me. I always sleep in cars; well, generally every mode of transportation I'm in.

45 minutes later, I was there. I was finally there. Not on webcam anymore, but really, truly there.

We had Mexican food that first night I was there and we walked around the street a little bit. There were a lot of gaudy street fashion being displayed. Then there were people actually wearing such clothes, it was a lot of fun to watch.

One of the places we visited was the Totseom Island, which translates as Pig Island.

The island is a 10-minute ferry ride away from where the apartment. I enjoyed feeling the chilly wind blowing through my hair and against my face. For once the air does not feel humid and I dont smell polution in the sea water like certain ferry rides here in Penang.

It took about 30 minutes to walk around the whole island, I pretended to ride on a battery operated motorcycle, got splashed by salty sea water and took a bunch of pictures with gold pigs; which are believed to bring good fortune to those who touch it. I should expect plenty of luck soon to come =)

We had some ice cream while waiting for our return ferry and I saw one of the funniest sights of my trip. You will see what I mean once you see the pictures I'm about to show you. This is a young couple, enjoying their ride on a motorized buggy. The mother was seen carrying the baby on her back. But as you look at the position of the baby's head, you can't help but laugh. They zoomed passed us about 4-5 times and every time I saw them, I paused in mid-sentence and just laughed.

Have a look for yourself;

You see, if they passed through a bump on the road, the baby; without fully developed neck muscles would've had a serious injury. I started to question the couple's parenting skills.

Over the next 2 days we visited Pusan together with Brian and Ayako. It was an interesting city with lots of fashion boutiques and designer wear. Boy, shoes were expensive! But what interested me the most was how realistic their food on display looks. I stood outside the place we were about to have some amazing sandwiches and just looked at the food on display, they were mouth-watering and I swear; as silly as it sounds, I didn't know it was wax until I was told. Go ahead and laugh at me, but really, I've never seen such delicious wax before.

We spent some time having coffee at The Cafe Beau & Tea. Sounds familiar? Look at the sign board.

Apparently in Korea there's no use sueing because as long as the font size is different, it's not against their copyright laws. Now that's an interesting fact.
Let's finish up this first part of my entry with that cup of coffee. Keep up with me, we'll go through the rest of my trip soon enough in Part II.

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