After The Cafe Beau & Tea, we headed back to the hotel for some rest. We will soon realize how useful that few hours of nap will be when we get to our next destination. We visited Scott who lives on the 5th floor and has no elevator. We went up and down the apartment a few times, and I would usually take a week to walk up that many stairs. All's well though, no one suffered a heart attack. It was a nice apartment no doubt, but I just don't understand the part about the elevator.

Although we have it here in Penang, I've never had Korean barbeque before. That night I tried my very first Korean barbeque at a restaurant called The Red Pork, and I quote; we had "meat on fire"!

It was an interesting experience. I've never seen people eat so much meat. That's until I see these people do it. You look so tiny compared to them. It's a good thing though, I don't want to be crushed when you roll over me while we sleep. Heh.

I'm too lazy to continue writing, so that's it for now. In Part III I will take you to the countryside.

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