The next 2 days of my trip was spent out in the countryside; which was about a 15 minute drive out from our apartment. It was lovely to ride out on the motorcycle in such weather. Again, since it's my time out there during springtime, I was thrilled by having cold breeze and sunlight hitting my face all at once. You see, at home, when you get the hot sun hitting your face, it burns and the wind will not be cold, it will be humid, and uncomfortable. Unless it's a cloudy day, then you'd be worrying about rain that might soon follow.

As we rode along, I couldn't help but notice the water, mountains and greenery around me. I never did pay much attention to my surroundings especially when I'm driving. But being on the back of the motorcycle, it was wonderful just sitting back and enjoy everything out there. Everything was foreign, as was the man in front of me. You're lovely to look at, you know that?

As lunchtime came by, we stopped at a little cottage-like restaurant for lunch. It looked quaint and cosy from the outside. Inside, it was romantic and warm. We laughed at the mushy Korean ballads that they play. The waiter who waited on us couldn't be more than 18 years old and he kept saying "Yes" to everything. That's probably the only English word he was good at. He has a cute boyish face and together with the yes'es that he answered, I was very much amused. When asked if they had a set for 2 people he said no and instead tried to explain that several of the other sets are for 3-4 people. Again, I found it thoroughly amusing. It's a shame that I never took note of the name of the restaurant though.

What really caught my attention was this;

We went on a little picnic the day after in the park out in the countryside. This is a picture of an elderly man, who apparently got so drunk that he had to stop whatever he was doing and take a nap by the roadside. When I saw him, the first thought that came to mind was "Is he dead?" Here, take a look:-

You see what I mean? And no, I didn't throw any pebbles at the poor man, I just thought of it, it was fun though. It was hot down there too. It's not humid, but it's hot, so I don't think it was that comfortable against that rock. After all that I had Korean Pizza for the first time. It was amazing, it's a pancake made with squids in it, and I love squids. Accompanied by some Korean rice wine, makgeolli; I was quite contented. Not that I had any reason not to be. It was just another perfect hang out, sitting around, having nothing to think about. I don't even have my mobile phone with me, no annoying spam smses, no calls, nothing.

I haven't felt that happy in a long time.

This is just the thing about vacations, you don't have a care in the world. For months now I've had work to think about, quotas to meet, my little demons to battle and generally a lot of stress to handle. I haven't had a break for more than 10 months now and there was nothing more perfect than a day out in the countryside with someone that I actually don't hate being with. I do force myself to hang out with certain people sometimes. But I just do it for the sake of doing it. It doesn't make any sense I know, but that's just me. It's hard for me to say no most of the time, so I could definitely relate to the main character in 27 Dresses.

Now that I'm back in reality, namely work and heat. It's hitting me hard, you will see in my next few entries to come what I had to go throught at the airport on my way back, rude people I had to deal with and even a horrifying shopping experience. All that and more to come.

We will go to Pusan in Part IV. Keep reading.
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