My last night in Masan, we went to a traditional Korean restaurant which we will soon simply call it "the chicken place". They made really amazing ginseng chicken broth. We have almost similiar soups back in Malaysia, but being in a different environment always make the food taste a little better.

It's a funny story how we got there though. We took a taxi to go just one block from where we were. The taxi driver was trying to tell us something in Korean which we didn't understand. He drove us there nevertheless and we finally understood that he was probably cursing us for being lazy asses; who could not walk an extra block. Fact is, someone's sense of direction was no better than mine, which is horrible to begin with. Heh.

Thursday was just two days before I had to leave on Saturday. Two more days till I had to face work and heat again. You must realize by now that I really hate work and heat. But there was one more thing that I hate more than work and heat, that thing happens to be my 84 year old grandmother. Before anyone starts thinking I'm a wretched grand daughter, you should read my reasons here. I will definitely write an entry and elaborate more on that in the near future. Now we have to get back to the subject.


Packing is a love-hate thing. I love packing when I'm going somewhere but I absolutely hate to pack when I'm leaving somewhere that I love. You see what I mean? Of course you do, I bet you feel the same. We spent the first half of the day shopping for a new luggage as I've bought so many things that the luggage that I took with me will no longer fit. I did think of this in advance and I brought an extra backpack with me. But everything burst out anyway. There I was sitting on the floor in the cluttered room, being surrounded by my own and his clutter. Sorry baby, you really did have a lot of stuff...

We took a bus to Pusan on Thursday evening. Lugging three bags between us, we made it to our hotel. I must say I wasn't expecting such a nice little place. The building did not look that nice from the outside and I was prepared to wince at hair on the bathroom floor when I'm faced with it. I'm phobic of hair on the bathroom floor. Very much so. Anyway, no hair on the bathroom floor and it was definitely nice. Our room had a big screen TV, jacuzzi and even a steam room. I've always thought of taking a bath with scented candles as a kind of relaxing luxury because I've never had a bathtub at home. Showers are boring. Practical, but boring.

The next day was spent walking around the marketplace. There must be hundreds of stalls there but what caught my attention was the immitation goods that they display there. Maybe an expert could tell, but for me, there was no way I could tell that their designer jeans were not original. Everything looked authentic. The vendors used several marketing techniques that I must say were quite unique in order for them to get passer-bys to become a paying customer. A lady at a accessory stall literally forced me to try on a diamanté bracelet. She was sweet about it, so I agreed. It was pretty, just not my type, so marketing scheme failed on me =)

The evening was coming to an end and I had the same nagging thoughts that never seem to leave me alone telling me that I have to get up at 5am the next morning and catch a 7am flight. I had 3 planes to catch the next day. That sure puts a dampen on such a lovely day.

I did have a wonderful time in South Korea though. I would never change a thing about this trip, except maybe my seat on my flight back, if I knew who I was sitting with beforehand. But that's another story. I saw many beautiful places, wowed at interesting sights and saw a whole new culture that I've never seen before. All that, not from a touristy point of view but from actual people who live and experience life there.

I will always appreciate how lucky I was to have met you, making all of these possible.

In my next entry, I will show you how this wonderful vacation ended with an absolute nightmare.

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