Everyone knows how hard it is to return from vacation. We have to get back to the things we were so bored with, namely work and frustration. I'm not bitter about work, I love my job, but who wants to work when they can play?
My flight to Korea was great, everyone was friendly, even when I had a transit in Hong Kong ppl were ok. But for some reason, on my flight(s) back, everything went wrong!

Look at the series of events that followed:-

1) I flew Korean Air from Pusan to Seoul. When I got there, I had to wait almost 45 mins to collect my luggage. I was so worried that maybe something happened. Furthermore I was upset because I was leaving that day, so I stood by the baggage claims by myself for such a long time. I almost cried, then I saw my luggage popped out. I wanted to cry with joy. Furthermore, it was hot in that area, air conditioning down or something, so I was near tears, hot and upset. Everyone got their bags, I was there with the last few.

2) I had about 1 hour before boarding my flight to Hong Kong, so I thought I'd have a burger. Big mistake. I spilled sauce all over my white shirt, I was trying so hard to be careful and it happened anyway. I had a dirty shirt in my carry-on so I changed. I wasn't too upset about it after I sprayed on some cologne.

3) Got to HK, there's only ONE security gate for passengers with onwards flight. There were hundred of passengers! I had to wait almost an hour for my turn. I saw all the right signs but I just wanted to make sure I was at the right place, because it really couldn't have been that ridiculous, ONE gate?! I asked a lady security if I was right and do you know what she answered? "I dont know" in a thick cantonese slang. I wanted to yell at her because I was in such a horrible mood already. Who else would know if YOU, YOU standing at the gate DON'T KNOW? But i know about airport security so I rolled my eyes at her and stood in line.
Then out of no where these 2 blonde girls, must be Russian or something, came and cut in front of me. They were just standing beside the gate and they could've chosen to cut in front of anyone else, but NO, they cut right in front of me. A few ppl started telling them to learn to queue, get in line, and other general insults. But they ignored it and continued to stand in front of me. They were very pretty but that doesn't give them the right to cut in front of me. I'm starting to think it's just because I'm Asian. I was so angry, but then again, I thought of airport security and just seethed with anger.

One hour later, I finally got my turn. Guess what's next?

4) I had to walk from one end of the airport to another to get to my boarding gate. I swear it was more than 1 km. I saw a smoking room and I thought "this wasn't so bad after all". I was wrong. I went in there and it was so hot and stuffy that my eyes watered and I ran out. Plus I was the only girl there. Again, I was upset. He gave me nicotine patch before I left so I tried to open that. I didn't have scissors with me and it was totally impossible to open the pack. Again, I got very very upset. I just gave up right there!

5) Finally it's time to board my flight to Penang. Boarding call was made and I got into queue. I swear I looked many times and I DON'T see any signs saying that line was meant to be for Business Class. When I reached my turn the a chinese attendant (in a very thick cantonese slang that I barely understood) told me, loud enough for ppl to hear (she MUST have done that on purpose), "You're in Economy, please line up over there". Several ppl made the same mistake apparently and they followed me to the other line. So that proves that there were no indications that it was a Business Class line. I felt stupid about not argueing, but it's too late now. All I said at that point was a faint, liveless "Oh". I was already in tears by then. I miss him and I was sad about leaving. And on top of that I got bullied a lot! I keep asking myself what else could've gone wrong?

Apparently things haven't gone wrong enough.

6) I got to my seat, middle aisle, I was sitting with 2 very old chinese men. Who talked loudly among themselves. Then they snored very loudly. One of them had his mouth opened so wide a bird would've been able to lay a nest there. The same man did not finish his ice cream and he wrapped it in tissue. I'm not saying that bothers me, but I was beginning to hate this day very much.

7) Reached Penang. We only have one baggage claim rotating belt working. I had to stand in the hot, stuffy area (what's up with the air conditioning in airports?) for 30 mins. They didn't even indicate that it's the right belt or not. They cramped all the luggage from several flights and made everyone wait. I was so angry and so ready to scream at someone. But I did not scream, I just stood there, dazed and confused, and more than anything else, I was upset.

8) Went to the tobacco store to buy duty free cigarettes. Politely asked the counter lady how many cartons I was entitled buy since I took 2 international flights today. I wasn't sure and I couldn't find a notice board. First time asking she ignored me. Fine, second time I asked louder. She answered unhappily, "ONE". Ok, so I grabbed one carton and wanted to pay. She continued to sort through some other customer's items. That customer was standing behind me but he was buying a few bottles of liquor and he shoved all his items on the counter, ahead of me. I guess that makes him more important. I get it. So I said very loudly, "Can I pay for this now?". She didn't even look up from her cash machine, she said "Please get a receipt first (from another girl)"**. By this time I can see everyone else cutting into my line. Not that I blame them because I can't pay (without a receipt) anyway. I waved for attention but the other girl absolutely ignored me. I had to call her a few times before she wrote me a stupid receipt. I was really really angry by then that I threw money at the cashier. I never throw money at people because I know it's very rude. But for the first time, I threw money at her. That bitch.

Finally I had to wait another 30 mins for my parents to get there. See, nothing went right that day.

I really cant help but wonder, is it really because my flight was South East Asia bound that people are less friendly? See, when I was going to Korea, the stewardesses were nice, even on Dragonair they were VERY helpful. My return flights? I was on Cathay Pacific, who pride themselves on excellent service. No one offered us any blankets, no one offered me a pillow. NO ONE OFFERED ME ANYTHING!! WHY??? I couldnt be bothered to ask for any of those anyway. One thing I noticed is that the majority of passengers were chinese and Asians, not many westerners. What's with the double standard?
Maybe it's just me. I don't know anymore.
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