I never knew that there could be so much hatred in a person. No, I never did - until now.
It has been ten months since my grandmother from hell moved into my parents' house. Unfortunately this is where I'm living too. I don't just mean any grandmother from hell, she is the grandmother from hell.

Our house has 3 storeys and I happened to have the unfortunate joy of staying on the same floor as her. Our room doors face each other and on some days when I'm really lucky, her face would be the first thing I see when I wake up.

Why I say she's the grandmother from hell? Read on:-

1) She hogs the bathroom for no less than 15 mins. Not counting her showers. She takes no less than 45-minute showers. I noted that there's no water running for more than half the time she's in there. I don't understand, so she just stands in there and scrubs herself for half an hour?

2) When she moved in, together with her she brought her large dining room set, which sits 6 people. She insisted on placing that dining room set on the top floor, in that tiny little sitting area. Lugging the thing up here is on thing, now there's not even enough space to walk about.

(Having a full-sized dining table and fridge on the third floor of a house)

3) You'd think that the dining table is all she wanted to place in that tiny little area. You'd be wrong. She also wanted to put her 3 tier fridge here too. And here's the thing, I'm not allowed to put anything in there because she accused me of trying to poison her with eye drops once (you see, I had a bottle of eye drops in there and she made a fuss that she could've eaten it and get poisoned to death). She's just a little bitch if you asked me. No one is that stupid. Not her at least.

Oh, the fridge is empty by the way. She just wants it there for no particular reason.

4) She hid my slippers when I placed them outside my door. It took both me and my mom a few weeks to locate them. At last we found them tucked under some boxes in our storeroom.
Like I said the woman is crazy.

5) She has a severe case of OCD. She stacks her cigarette boxes in her own crazy way. Look at the pictures, I don't even know how to start describing the pattern.
(As you can see, this makes no sense whatsoever)

(Neatly stacked up empty boxes...)

She causes me irritation and annoyance on a daily basis now. I'm not trying to be mean but she's just very difficult to live with. Of course, there are so many other issues that I can't even begin to write about. Probably in another entry.

Till then. I'm signing off with deep resentment towards her.
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  1. Jessica Says:

    You don't have to laugh at granny for having the serious OCD matter, as far as I know, you're something like her!!!! Bit out of your mind at times. Good thing I'm just a lil bit infected!

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