I've been living in Malaysia my whole life. That gives me the right to judge.

We Malaysians now have a canggih (sophisticated), new automated public toilet system that boasts sophistication and modern technology, and of course, at the cost of a whooping RM400k EACH (they built 23 toilets in Bukit Bintang, KL), we would think that Malaysians would know HOW to use toilet bowls for a start.

(The new public toilets costing RM400k each located around Bukit Bintang area costs more than a decent apartment)

I hope my sarcasm was well detected.

The modern technology mentioned is actually an air-conditioned stall (wh
o needs to be cold when taking a dump?!), toilet paper is provided (you usually have to buy your own napkins for 30 sen a pack), and of course, the customary mirror and basin (sometimes the normal, NOT automated public toilet's condition is so bad that there's no mirror OR a basin).

(That's what sophistication is all about!)

I'm not here to talk about how the taxpayers' (our) money is spent. It just goes to show how irresponsible and how primitive Malaysians still are. Why on earth would the government need to spend RM400,000 x 23 on automated public toilets when people can just use the existing toilets in a civilized manner? It's simple; pee/poo and then flush - without throwing sanitary pads, toilet paper, etc on the floor. How hard can that be? I just don't get it.

What irks me the most is how people can't just sit on the toilet seat provided? Whenever I'm in a public toilet, I see footprints on the toilet seats. Do Malaysians still NOT know how to use the sitting pans? How long has these been around? I understand that people use to have squatting bowls, but how hard is it to learn to sit? When one person stands on the toilet seat, it creates a chain, the next person in turn, cannot sit down as the seat is dirty, so he/she stands on the toilet seat too. When it goes on and on like that, what with the poor hygiene maintenance, eventually the toilet seat breaks and everybody now has to pee standing or half-squatting. I swear it's all true!

(The typical Malaysian toilet)

It was so refreshing when I visit other countries; the public toilets are clean for one thing. It makes me happy to see clean toilet seats and fresh, FREE toilet paper! Oh, and most importantly no one charges an entrance fee. Yes, as absurd as it may sound, Malaysians are charged a fee for wanting to use the public toilets. You would think that you are paying for the maintenance of the toilet and it would be clean at least. But oh no, it is usually as filthy as it
may be and you usually have to pay for tissues too.

These are the usual charges:-
"Entrance Fee" - 20 sen
Tissue - 30 sen
Total needed to use a dirty, wet toilet = 50 sen

(Translation: Tanjung Bidara Public Toilet; Shower 50 sen, Pee 30 sen. There's probably an old lady sitting below that sign waiting to collect money from you as you enter)

I just don't see a future where Malaysians will catch up with the rest of the civilized world sometimes.
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  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow! This is so damn true!!! For a minute there, Ive actually forgotten how our Malaysia toilet actually looked like! I've been so comfortable using the toilets here. I don't know why Malaysians have to make this impression that they have no brains at all when it comes to using the toilet. Not to say I'm one hell of a Malaysian! Next time when I start telling people I'm Malaysian, I gotta ask if they've been there, to avoid embarrassment!

  2. Sugarscamp Says:

    Yalar! Sometimes it's so embarassing admitting I'm a Malaysian. When I was in Bali last time I lied when ppl ask sometimes.

  3. Jessica Says:

    You lied???? What did you say then?? Oh right, since you have cbox, you can check there next time for comments.

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