This is a continuation of my previous entry which I took us through my vacation in Bali.

In Part I we re-visited Ubud and it's rich cultural experiences. We left Ubud for Amed after a week's stay. The road trip took approximately 3 hours and that was when the nausea kicked in. I've always hated road trips because I get the most incredible motion sickness. The nausea lasted till the next morning...I told you it was incredible, didn't I?

(The paddy fields along the coast were breathtaking. They made the long drive considerably more tolerable)

(Lunch was a simple Balinese meal with pepes ikan; steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves. They had some delicious soup which would taste much better if it was warm though...)

Eric booked us a hotel which was not entirely trendy but it was beautiful. I especially loved the bathroom as it has stones on the floor with an open roof. Well the open roof factor wasn't entirely nice but it didn't really matter as it had an urn for a shower. It was nice having a cold water pour down on you after a long day out in the sun.

(The 'bucket-like' shower was interesting enough for him to take more than one shower a day...heh)

There was nothing much to do in Amed except walking down to the beach and lay out there in the sun for hours. It was amusing at first when we saw little kids selling necklaces and salt. However after a while it gets really tiresome as they will not leave you alone. They even follow you down the road consistently chanting "you wanna buy salt?", "Salt?", "How about tomorrow?", "Salt?". The age of these kids range from 5-10 years old I presume. Some were as tanned as anything from being out in the sun so much.

(The kids were a pretty happy bunch, they joked and play with each other. Then they gathered around to take a picture)

I know the notes do not make sense. Here's my attempt to explain; one day while we were laying out in the sun, the kids were getting incredibly annoying as they would not leave us alone. What happened next was so funny that I could've peed myself laughing. Eric tried to sell the kids out bottle of water. Being as young as they were, they seemed surprised at first, then slowly they smiled coyly and went away muttering to themselves. They would probably go home and tell their friends about "the crazy man" at the beach. Actually they went away and a few minutes later they came back. This time Eric called them over and asked about their homework. When the kids were still insisting that we buy some salt, Eric said "I'm Guru! Go do your homework". The kids then went away and we were left in peace for the rest of the afternoon. After that was all over, the guru poured lots of water into my iced lemon tea and hence making it non-tasty.

(The water was a deep blue colour because of the black sands underneath; a rare sight to me as the ocean here at home is always an off-turquoise-greenish kind of shade)

The highlight of our being in Amed was probably the sail boat trip. Eric took me on a sailboat trip and we took a boat out into the ocean and it was beautiful. I've never been on the ocean on a tiny little sail boat before and it was amazing having the water run through my fingers and the wind blowing against my face. It would've been much better if I didn't get sea sick. I would've puked my brains out but the meanie wouldn't let me! He sat there and enjoyed his beer instead.

(See how he's enjoying his beer as I was being sick?)

(The cold water was refreshing as it was a hot day out)

I got a good tan out on that sail boat. There were dozens of sail boats out on the horizon; we were told that they were fishing boats. As we were returning to shore, the fishermen were done for the day and we could see all of them slowly coming back too. It was such a happy sight!Oh, the water was great, the waves were nice, it was as if we were going up and down terrains!

Another funny part of Amed was that there were no street lamps along the little one way road. If I was there alone I would've probably starved to death in my room because I would never walk down that road alone without Eric. It was pretty much a quiet village; with cows and goats happily chewing on grass during the day. At night the dogs would guard their territory and would bark madly at people walking along the road. Eric gallantly shooed a dog away when it got a little too brave and started following us too closely.

The first night we were there I got worried that we would get mugged walking in complete darkness. Good thing we had flashlights. It was such a relief when I saw the first few foreigners in a corner cafe. As were sat there waiting for our food; which takes forever to arrive, we saw more foreigners with their little flash lights walking down the road. It was an amusing sight for me!

All in all, Amed was nice as a quiet little village to retreat from the busy Ubud. It's amazing how simple people there lead their lives. There were no entertainment, I did not see any bars out there. I probably saw one TV set in a restaurant but that was it.

We should've done this sooner but it was on our last night in Amed that we decided to have dinner in our hotel. It was great eating out on the gazebo with the sound of the waves crashing to the shore. The food wasn't anything extraordinary but it was wonderful. Eric had the ayam basket which literally translates to "chicken basket". However it was not just a basket of fried chicken; when it was served, there were pieces of chicken wrapped in banana leaves...or it could be some other kind of leaf, I couldn't tell the difference, but it was amazingly tasty!

(The beach looked breathtaking during sunset. We had dinner sitting up on that gazebo. Over the wall was the ocean; with hundreds of sailboats docked on shore after dark)

The stars were amazing that night. I've never seen so many stars in the sky at night in my entire life. Then again I live in the city, and for some reason I felt like crying. We saw Venus and Mars too. I was completely lost for words and for the longest time, I remembered just gazing up in the sky until my neck started hurting.

It wasn't much but it was wonderful all the same because you were there.

There will be a third and final part next, so again, stick around.
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