The remaining days of our vacation were spent briefly in Padangbai and Seminyak respectively.

Padangbai is a tiny beach town where everyone loves reggae! It has a beautiful white sands beach which unfortunately we never had the chance to visit because of building works. However, we did get a chance to see its Blue Lagoon which was just breathtaking. I was at lost for words when I saw it for the first time. The colour of the ocean was a light turquoise colour. This is extremely rare for me as I have stated in my previous entry that the ocean here in Penang is a murky kind of blueish-green, not exactly turquoise either.

(The glistening ocean was probably one of the best sights I've ever seen)

Since we only stayed there for 2 nights, we really did not do much except lying out in the sun and tanning in the pool. The strangest of coincidences happened while we were staying at the hotel. Our room number was 103. The first night that we were there, Eric played an episode of Dexter; which is about a serial killer, by the way. That episode in particular was about a mass murder that happened in a hotel room; room number 103. You have to admit that was pretty creepy.

Our room wasn't really that great actually. I realized the sink was clogged when we checked in so Eric went to get housekeeping to come fix it. It took a while for the handyman to show up and when he finally came by, he did so without his tools. I think Eric had a hard time (his exasperation was funny though) explaining to the guy what he should be doing and then made him go back and get his tools. Eventually he came back and proceeded to fix the clogged sink. We sat on the bed waiting and laughed when we heard the toilet being flushed. We joked about the guy trying to fix the sink by flushing the toilet (?!?!?) when it suddenly occured me; he had to unclog the sink by removing hair and junk, and more hair from there and then flushing it down the toilet. He must've flushed the toilet at least 3 times! The thought grossed me out and after that I was ever careful not to put my hand too close to the sink hole (being phobic of hair and all).

That was just the room. Everything else there was fantastic!

I especially loved walking along the the sidewalk overlooking the pier. Everything looked so peaceful; fishing boats lined up along the beach, tourists gathering waiting to go snorkeling, surfers with their surfboards, and of course, you can't avoid having a few persistant street peddlars ever wanting to sell you another sarong.

(The main strip where all the hotels and restaurants are. The sea breeze hitting you on the face while walking down the street feels amazing...)

I was a little sad leaving Padangbai but I was also looking forward very much to see what comes next. Our plan was to head to Jimbaran and stay there till we had to come home. As we only had 2 remaining nights in Bali, Eric wanted to splurge on a nice hotel for us. I had no idea how hard it was to do that.

We must've stopped at at least 5 hotels in Jimbaran before we gave up ever getting a room in that town. The hotels were mostly fully booked or do not accept credit cards. Since Seminyak was not far from where we were, we decided to head there instead.

(Eric got lost within Jamahal grounds - haha!; he went in to ask about their room vacancy and then couldn't find his way out...as usual, I laughed. Bear in mind that I have no sense of direction either)

We managed to stop for lunch at a little seafood restaurant before we headed off. That was where we had the ginormous shrimps for lunch.

(The size of the shrimps compared to a regular pack of cigarettes)

I've always loved seafood and I kept saying this is how happiness should taste like! The shrimps were not cooked in any special manner, it was probably just grilled with some seasoning. However, they were large and succulent...ok, I don't even know if you can describe shrimps as being succulent, but they were!

After lunch we headed to Seminyak. After a few tries we finally managed to get a nice room in the Pelangi Bali hotel. This is probably the best hotel we've stayed in Bali so far. This hotel is great and I would recommend this to anyone who's travelling to Seminyak. They have really good service at the front desk and the room was amazing.

(Eric got a kick out of the flowers on the bed...okay, I did too)

(I just HAVE to love the bathroom! Loved the jacuzzi! We had some fun with the bidet =) What?! It's not common back here!)

The bubble baths with you were amazing =p

(The silly man...)

(...and then there's the silly girl)

For the first time in Bali, I got to blow-dry my hair! See the hairdryer there? I told Eric that I didn't want to leave the room. We only need to walk 2 steps to reach the pool and we had our own little patio which we sat and smoked cigarettes in the evenings.

Our last day in Bali, we took a hotel shuttle bus to Kuta.

(We had some tiramisu and coffee in Made's Warung, one of Eric's favourite restaurants in Bali...see how happy he is?)

(I am not a big fan of cakes, but the tiramisu melts in your mouth!)

(We walked down to Kuta beach and did some shopping along the way)

(The last picture we took of Bali...)

The final day of any vacation is always hard for me. And I hate packing. But the one thing I hate more than packing is watching
him pack. I also hate giving up the clean toilets in Bali for the filthy ones back home - with no toilet paper too!

Oh well, I'm sure there will be more vacations to come. So in the mean time, enjoy reading my entries!

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