Well, literally...I mean, I was in the car; caught in a traffic jam when I thought I'd do an entry about the thoughts flying through my mind as I was driving.

Here I am on the way back from meeting a customer.

This car in front of me has the exact same number plate as mine, only two numbers were different. It's the same make and model. Same colour too. So I thought I'd take a picture.

I shouldn't have taken this route as it has only been a couple of hours since school finished and this route is always jammed during these hours.

I saw the traffic ahead and I was filled with dread...

It was more or less a stand-still so I started taking more pictures; cars lined up behind me.

I held my camera below windshield level so that other people in the cars around me wouldn't think I'm crazy.

Here we are, finally passed the flyover, traffic was normal and smooth flowing again.

It was then smooth driving all the way back to work. Then I noticed how beautiful a day it was so I stopped to enjoy the scenery. I can't help but think about my vacations with you everytime I see the ocean.

The Penang Bridge can be seen in the distance. Everytime I look at the ocean I'm reminded of the time(s) we spent together and how much I missed you.

So I spent a few more minutes in the car watching the clouds drift along.
Then some stupid Proton Gen 2 sped passed me with such velocity that my car vibrated just a little. That got me off my mood for clouds.

But before I drove off, I decided to take one last picture; something to remember these thoughts by.

After spending a couple of hours at the office I packed up to go.
Note to self: You're getting lazier by the minute, Jillian!

I had an uneventful drive back but just look at the traffic going the other way. It's the same way I used to get to work earlier. I guess people are always going that way...no matter what time it is.

Then out of nowhere it started drizzling. I love driving in the rain because for some unexplainable reason I love watching the wiper wiping the water away.

So that was it! Blogging in the car! LOL...I never said it was perfect!
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