It has been a few years since the last time I baked.

My last attempt to make cookies failed miserably and I managed to burnt one too many cookies.

This time around, armed with a fresh chocolate chip cookie (this seems to be the easiest) recipe off the Net, I decided to go Bree (Desperate Housewives) and make cookies from scratch!

First of all, no where in the recipe mentions how many cookies it makes. So I followed everything exactly. When the batter grew in size, I started to feel a slight panic. Yes, it makes 4 dozen cookies. I did not intend to make so many cookies as I knew something would go wrong - and it did.

The recipe calls for 1 cup of butter, I have a measuring cup but I wasn't sure how much was a cup of butter...I mean it's a block of butter! How was I suppose to know how much is a cup?! So I threw in half a block of butter.

My cookies turned out to be hard, and as Eric puts it, they became Chinese-Fighting-Cookie-hard. Imagine a chinese kung-fu movie scene where the fighter throws a metal star and it gets stuck in a stone wall.
You get my point...

I may not be right, but I think the aluminium foil makes the cookies cook better, they turned out nicely coloured compared to the ones that I tried putting in the oven without a baking sheet, I burnt those at the bottom, heh...

They turned out looking quite similar to the picture in the recipe didn't they? THEY TASTE FINE! I know you're laughing! Stop it!

This one got burnt at the bottom, but I like the golden brown colour on top. As I was playing with it, it broke. So I saran-wrapped it =)

The last batch of cookies with lots of chocolate chips in them. I didn't mix the chocolate chips evenly - I got tired of stirring after a while. So most of the chocolate chips were sitting at the bottom of the batter.

I wanted to send these to Eric - and make him eat it just to punish him for laughing at me. Then decided against it. I'll probably make worse ones in the future, THAT batch he'll get!

Since I'm not a fan of cookies or cakes, or anything sweet for the matter, I took the remaining cookies to the office. My co-workers loved them, or pretended to...but if they were pretending, I think they were pretty good actors =p

Coming up this weekend; oatmeal and raisin cookies!

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