It's been a while since I've updated my "A Closer Look At:" series.

Here's a couple of things I noticed recently.

Last weekend was a pretty long one. With Sunday being a public holiday, we got an additional day off on Monday. So on my way to work on Tuesday, I was extra alert given how much rest I've had over the long weekend. As usual my 20-minute drive to work was somewhat uneventful. However, as I got closer to the office, I noticed a police road block. I glanced at my dashboard and it was 12.00pm.

It was just any regular road block probably to catch speeding drivers, or drivers with customized number plates or most probably it was just something the traffic police do when they get bored. Or maybe they have too much work piling up at the station and decided to have a field trip instead. But why they decided to do it during mid-day puzzled me. The location they decided on was on the middle of a three-lane freeway. I was driving on the opposite direction so all I saw was vehicles moving along smoothly until they got bottlenecked at the police stop. Again, as I was driving on the opposite side of the road, I continued driving and I realized that the road block had caused a traffic jam about 2 kilometres long. Now, WHY? Why couldn't they do it at a better hour than 12pm? They had to cause a traffic jam that long during lunch hour; the time when everyone drives out for lunch? That's very efficient of them I must say. Better commission from writing more summons? Or more of the other perks, if you know what I mean.

(This is NOT the traffic jam that I witnessed, I couldn't stop to take a picture so I had to look for one online. This is a traffic jam along Sungai Dua, somewhat near the location I was talking about)

I was just glad I wasn't caught in it.

Then when I got to work I figured I would drop by the post office. It was just across the street so off I went; happy and excited to be sending off my mail - the old fashion way, yay!

The post office is a small one, and when I got there it was packed with about 10 people. I saw that most people were holding a stack of bills to pay.

(The post office at Queensbay Mall)

There were three counters but people were only queuing up at Counter 1 (refer to picture above). Counter 2 and 3 had no queues but there were tellers in both counters, I wasn't sure why they bothered turning up for work that day. So I walked over to Counter 2 and asked if I needed to queue up just to buy a stamp. The conversation went something like this:-

Me: Hi, uh, I'm just wondering if I need to queue over there (pointed at Counter 1) just to buy a stamp? Or could I just get it from you?

Idiot Teller: (Slowly looks up from whatever she was doing) Oh, um...let me check.
She must be new as she asked another Malay lady (who seemed kind of bxtchy) who happens to be walking around

Malay Lady: Mumble mumble mumble...

Idiot Teller: (Looked at Malay Lady and then turned back to her work)

As neither of them spoke to me; the customer, I continued standing there waiting for an answer. After what seemed like 5 mins or so, I realized that I had to queue up behind the long line of people (who were paying bills, etc) afterall just to buy ONE stamp.

I noticed there were FOUR employees on duty that day. Four employees, three counters, and only one counter which was really in operation.

There, the spirit of Malaysia Boleh! (translation: Malaysian Can!). Malaysia can indeed, they can waste manpower and other people's time as much as they like.
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  1. runawaycat Says:

    Oh post offices. I know about them. Once only one counter was in operation and that lady worked at an incredibly slow speed. To make it worse, she said "Oh penatnya........" and made the I'm-so-worn-out-I-will-die-soon sound. How tired can you get glueing your big add to the chair all day? Oh wait you'll have to take out the time she spent for her minum pagi, makan petang, and minum petang.

  2. Sugarscamp Says:

    'They' are always penat laaa...even doing paper work and talking on the phone all day makes them penat!

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