The little kid in me grew up watching cartoons and made-for-TV movies which my parents recorded on tape for me. Back in the late 80s, people were still very much dependant on TV for entertainment as computers were still unpopular (especially for kids, believe it or not?) and no one has heard about the existance of the Internet. Well, not my parents, at least.

I actually remember all the videotapes that I had. Thinking about those tapes fills me with nostalgia and a weird sort of happy-sad mixture of feelings. We didn't have much money back then so I didn't have any fancy toys apart from my videotapes, my radio cassette player and quite a number of books (I'll get to these sometime soon I hope)

Here is the list of videotapes; one of which I watched every morning for a few years as I was growing up:-

1) Disney's The Little Mermaid (1989) - Dad bought this for me at the video store. Videotapes used to cost more than it does now, so my dad probably dug into this savings for it (I suppose). I loved, no still love this cartoon and I just got the DVD version earlier this week. I used to fantasize that one day my own Prince Eric (he's the dreamiest Disney prince to me) would come save me from the evil witch who imprisoned me in her castle, which was guarded by dragons and...well you know how little girls are.

(Ariel singing the chorus to Part of That World - absolutely adore this song!)

2) Alice in Wonderland (1985) - One of my parents; or maybe they each took turns editting the commercials from the show as it was shown on TV. There are 2 parts to this version of Alice, so it was shown on 2 separate days, so my parent(s) sat in front of the TV the whole time doing all the editting. I used to imagine myself being Alice sometimes, actually most of the time when I play by myself, I would pretend I was lost in the forest, or falling through a bunny hole. I pestered my mom to get me Alice-Shoes; which she did try to find, but they don't make it exactly like that, so I pestered her to keep looking. She never found a pair that I actually approve of. In the end, I settled for a smiliar pair but it only came in maroon, instead of black (which I wanted).

(Alice joining the White Queen and the Red Queen after she became a queen herself)

3) Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959)

(Princess Aurora singing in the forest)

The ending with the dragon and all that fire (at least that's how I remembered it to be) used to scare me a little. Of all my videotapes I remember watching Sleeping Beauty the least because of that. And yes, my parents got me this from the store too.

4) The Wizard of Oz (1939)

This is another one of those movies my parents videotaped for me. For some reason, I never imagined I was Dorothy Gale. I liked this movie a lot but I didn't love it like I do the others. I was probably 3-4 years old when I first saw this and I didn't know then that this film was one of the first colour movies made. I recently got the DVD version of this too, watching it now is different than watching it then, back then I never once looked for goofs, now I try so hard to spot goofs that sometimes I miss the best parts.

5) Disney's Snow White (1937) - Another store-bought video. This is also one of my favourites. The animation was a little bland compared of The Little Mermaid, but of course this was produced in the 30s. I didn't know this back then so I thought the colour was little faded and I didn't like that very much. I must get the DVD one of these days...

(Snow White singing in the woods while surrounded by animals, the little deer looks like Bambi)

This is probably the silliest thing you'll ever hear, but I used to think one day I'll eat a poisoned apple too and fall into a deep sleep, and then my prince will come. What? I was a kid!

6) Bambi (1942) - The first Disney movie to make me cry. Hearing the gunshot then never seeing Bambi's mother again breaks my heart. I have the DVD of this also, and watching it now still makes me feel the same way!

(Bu...butter, BUTTERFLY!)

Besides those I also have a few recorded episodes of Sesame Street (1969). I remember the show being on TV once a week, and on those other days, I would watch the same tapes over and over again. I especially remember a Big Bird in China special. I would watch that episode over and over. And I remembered loving Big Bird so much that I asked my mom why didn't he come and visit me (as he did those kids in Sesame Street). Mom said he was busy.

(A bird that size would probably give me a heart attack these days)

I probably learnt most of my English from watching these shows. And also by listening to nursery rhymes on cassette and reading lots of Ladybird books. I will get to that another time.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't you think that Walt Disney books are the best? I still don't mind reading them. Being 28, mind you!lol

  2. Jillian Says:

    Oh yeah I totally agree. The drawings are still pretty much fresh in my mind

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