Things Eric and I come up with when there was nothing else better to do:

Eric1. Create his own South Park character. This seems to be a constant amusement for him these several days.
2. Makes me laugh at the silly crown he puts on his character.

3. Gives himself some funny looking stubble complete with a funny looking goatee too.
4. Create a South Park character for me.5. Gives me pouty, red lips.

6. Gives me a sexy-looking outfit.

(The South Park couple...heh)

7. Glue them characters together.

1. Photoshop Eric's picture to match the character he created.
(Gave Eric the crown he likes so much =p)

2. Then start working on my own picture.

(Getting a hold of myself...)

3. Secretly feels very pleased with myself for doing a great job =) (although I clearly know that my work is pretty much amateur)

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