...well not exactly yesterday.

I grew up in the 90s with TV shows such as Macgyver, Dallas, Silver Spoons, and of course, numerous other series that people would cringe at nowadays. However, one of the most memorable TV shows that I've grown to love over the years is Mind Your Language (
originally aired between 1977-1979).

4.00-4.07 Su-Lee: Oh mai, mai. Mai toi wa. Wa mai ka lu kong ua (Oh don't, don't. Don't follow me, I don't want to talk to you)
4.57-5.02 Su-Lee: An chua ti toi lang jip chai keng eh? Aiyoh, beh sai ti toi lang jip chai keng, beh seow sia eh! (Why do you keep following me into the toilet? You can't keep following me into the toilet, you're embarassing!)

The show is set in England where students from other parts of the world come together to learn English. It's hilarious to see what the students who don't speak much English sometimes come up with.

This episode in particular has Su-Lee; from China speaking in Hokkien - with a Penang slang! I'm from Penang so I find that incredibly amusing.

As we know, there are many dialects in the chinese language. Unfortunately, I can only speak one dialect, which is Hokkien. Penang is still pretty much Hokkien-rich, it's quite safe to say that everyone on the island speaks a little Hokkien; even the non-chinese. The hokkien in Penang is slightly different from that of other states in Malaysia.

Penang Hokkien is almost a dialect of its own really. It is quite different from the Hokkien spoken in China or Taiwan. And more often than not, if you sit down and really listen closely, there are words in Penang Hokkien that are not really Hokkien at all. Katakpuru (frog) is one. I don't really know the exact word in Hokkien that means frog. Katak is Malay and Puru I don't even know where it came from. Sabun means soap. Sabun is also Malay for soap.

No matter how much I whine about home sometimes, there's always a little part of me that secretly loves it.
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