No. I'm not explaining the title.

This is sort of a follow up on an entry I did a year ago on my old blog site. Here's the link.
And yes, this is for you too.

For a person who calls himself rugged, masculine, charming and humble; and I quote, "I mean really really humble"; you need to prove yourself, you can't just say those things without justification, can you?

I will try to help you the best I can, let's see:-

RUGGED; I can't say I know anyone else (excluding people on tv) who can pull off that unshaven, stubbly look better than you. And yes, it's incredibly attractive

I like the way you look when you don't shave for 2 days. That's when the stubble is at its best length. Sure it hurts a little when it's rubbing against my bare skin; but it helps scrub away some of the dirt (if there was dirt that is)

(I'm not a huge
David Duchovny fan but I gotta say he looked pretty rugged here)


(The picture says more than I do)

Masculinity does not smell like flowers, it smells like fresh aftershave, or soap.
A real man dares to wear a bright, UGLY green shirt in public just to annoy his girlfriend;
a real man has a distinctive male smell
and I believe that masculinity has a smell because
yours is not just any male scent, it's special, because it's you.

you bring a whole new meaning to the word.
You're more than just being delightful.
It's always a pleasure being with you because of the fun and humour you bring.
I enjoy the hours laughing with you, and more often than not I spent those very same hours laughing at you.
And when we get bored of that, we can always make fun of your grumpiness...
Like I've said before, "No grumpy for you!"

(See, you even have the shirt just for those grumpy occasions)

HUMBLE; now this is just hard. Well, you say so yourself, you're really really humble. And now it's in writing so it must be true then, isn't it?
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