I've written about my spending habits before in my old blog on Friendster. Sometimes, no, many times actually I've spent money knowing very well that I don't make enough to support this kind of behaviour. But I do it anyway.

Take today for instance. I got a call from an old colleague at the (super cool, mega) gym that I used to work in. She said today is the last day for a promotion that they have been running. Gyms of this standard here usually make members sign a one year contract whereby should the member decide to quit before the year is up, then he/she has to pay a cancellation fee, which is more than a month's membership fee. It's stupid I agree, but they do it under the pretext of "you don't gain anything by joining us any less than a year". And seeing how much weight I've gained over these last few months, I decided to join.

Prior to signing up, I've given the idea a lot of thought. It's not a lot of money per month, it's just that I'm not one to stick to a work out schedule for long. Therefore my major concern was spending money (which I could really use) in vain. After discussing it in length with the BF who's always right (but he won't admit it of course, such a dear), I've decided to go for it. But here's the thing, I didn't just join the gym, I signed up for personal training sessions that I could ill afford too! But how could I resist with an offer like this. Here's how it happened.

Me: Ok, so I'll see you soon (waves goodbye to everyone. People were really happy to see me after such a long time)

Head Trainer (who kisses a** really well): Are you sure you don't want any personal training sessions? I could give you a really great deal, you worked here before, so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Me: Oh is it? Tell me more (that's where I went wrong, I know)

Head Trainer: Here's the price for 12 sessions (scribbles some numbers on a sheet of paper), but for the same price, I will give you 18 sessions, and I will train you myself.

Me: 18? Oh.

Head Trainer: Plus you have a (Name of local bank)'s credit card right? So we can work out an 18-month zero interest, easy payment plan for you (taps the numbers with a calculator). So it only comes up to XX a month!

Me: (Saw the 2 figure amount and started getting rather excited) But um...I...

Head Trainer: Okay how about throwing another 2 extra sessions for free? Of course this will be between you and me. So you get 20 sessions for the price of 12.

The whole time the same thought kept buzzing in my head, I have all this excess fat that I really need to get rid off. Plus I wanted to look hot in a bikini (again).

Me: Ok, gimme the form!

I can justify myself though, normal members don't get deals like that, so it's not that bad a deal. I mean, sure, I can't really afford it and I'm binding myself to the card for another 18 months but by that time I'll be my thinner, lean self again.

I might have to actually work during office hours now...oh well, I'm sure all will be well again soon, I would like to quote Becky Bloomwood (Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella), "It's an investment!"
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