I have been lazy, I keep talking myself into writing another entry. It's been a little over a week now, isn't it? Or it could be less than that, I don't know.

Many things have caught up with me these days that it's hard to keep my monster of a temper under wraps. This is the beginning of a new series that I'd like to call Sunday Reflections. Basically I'll try the best I can to write an entry every Sunday reflecting on how my week has gone by.

Let's see,

Monday; went to work as usual. Can't even remember if I was on time. I normally am NOT on time and I usually I'd panic for a while thinking I'd get a lecture from my boss. All through the panicking I'd be lying in bed though. Then I'd think of an excuse - which I will then text it to my boss. He's a cool boss. So he understands.

Tuesday went by without incidents, ooh, I got this new broadband subsciption (Eric tells me not to do it but I don't listen as usual) that was supposed to be 3 times faster than my current subscription. It was actually 3 times SLOWER - but of course, I didn't know this yet.

Wednesday was a public holiday, so I got to be lazy all day. I logged on to MSN Messenger for chats since it was a lazy day and I was reluctant to even make myself breakfast. I must explain that I normally just stick to Skype since Eric is the only reason I use a messenger. I believe in face to face contact rather than finger chat. Actually, that's not entirely true since I believe in Facebook too. Sorry, I was telling a story there, ah yes, MSN was a mistake though because I started talking to my BFF and I told her some stuff (which are all truths btw) and she completely betrayed me later that day. It's a long story that I might one day publish, but...I don't know. There's a lot of drama and I don't wanna sound like a drama queen, which I sometimes am.

I made up my mind on Thursday that a girl like that isn't worth being considered a BFF. I'm not in high school anymore, I don't have to hang out with girls whom I don't like just for the hang of it. I have more important things to care about. Like, getting a refund for that stupid broadband service that didn't deliver the internet to me 3 times faster like it promised.

On Friday I went for my monthly hospital checkup. Those people behind the counter must have a bitter life, because they treat patients with a certain rudeness and unpleasantness. Those people really need a dose of happy pills. Maybe then they'd smile more. As if smiling for 2 seconds is too much for them. I would say they depress me, but then again, they don't deserve my concern.

Saturday was fun, I baked a new batch of cookies, it's Raisin and Oatmeal this time and it was a total success! I actually had few pieces myself. Then since I was in a mood to cook, I made Aglia Olio ala Jillian for my mom and dad for dinner. I guess it must be good because they didn't end up ordering take-out like the last time. I will include the recipe should anyone feel brave enough to try. It's good, if I must say so myself, and I must.

  1. 4 tablespoons olive oil
    (I used corn oil as I realized at the last minute that we ran out of olive oil)
  2. A few shakes of crushed oregano
  3. 5-6 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  4. 5 sausages, chopped coarsely
    (I raided my fridge and this is all we had, you could use turkey ham or any kind of meat/shellfish)
  5. Choice of pasta
    (I chose spiral pasta, those are my favourite)
  6. Salt to taste
This is really easy, just heat up the oil in a saucepan and then in goes the garlic. Before it changes colour to brown, throw in the oregano, then the sausages. You might want to close the lid to preserve the flavours. At least I think closing the lid does that. Add salt and let the mixture cook under a very slow fire as not to burn it.

In the meanwhile the pasta should be boiled separately. As the mixture takes only about 5-10 minutes to cook, by then the pasta should be ready.

Lastly mix the pasta into the 'sauce' that we had just made, and voila! You have yourself a nice, easily prepared meal. Oh yes, the recipe serves 4 people.

Today (Sunday) was spent cleaning my room and then in the evening I finally spent some time with my girlfriends. Sometimes I neglect my friends when life gets too busy for me, I must not do that so much anymore.

Let's see if the next week gets better than this, cheers!

"No matter what life throws at me, I will always have time for YOU"
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