I realize that my last entry was dated October 5th. It has been that long.

I have been procrastinating about writing an entry. I seem to like doing this ever since I could remember. I put off that dentist appointment, only to realize a little over 2 years later that I could have bad breath all those times and not know it (Notice the stressing of could). I put off following up with my leads on hand for several days sometimes and finally when I do call them, they changed their minds. But, I'm most guilty of putting off working out and keeping in shape.

The battles I have with myself sounds a little like this:-

Right Brain: We're going jogging today, no excuses
Left Brain: At least 2 laps around the park today

*A few hours later, while driving home from work*

Left Brain: Omg, I'm tired. And I think I'm hungry
Right Brain: No, we're going jogging! And you're not hungry! Jillian, you're not!
Left Brain: But I can't jog when I'm tired, I can't!
Right Brain: You promised, okay, just one lap, really sweat it out then we can go home for dinner
Left Brain: I can't, I can't, please don't make me. We can start dieting tomorrow. Really.
Right Brain: Yeah, I guess we can just NOT eat so much, we can have fruit! And cut the carbs...
Left Brain: Let's just go home and have a long, hot shower...

Yes, I do talk to myself, frequently.

On a daily basis.

So suddenly I realized I have not been hitting the gym or do any sort of work out in 10 months (except those sit-ups which Eric forced me to do). I regret my actions and I shall be paying for it, dearly too. The gym and personal training sessions is costing me and arm and a leg, and probably a few pennies more each month. I did sign up on impulse as I said previously but it's probably the best decision I made in a long time. I seriously need to get back into shape.

I'm going to sashay down the street carrying numerous shopping bags and swishing my hair as I go along. The shopping bags are going to be the only extra baggage I'm carrying, end of story.

Now you may laugh all you want.
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