I woke up screaming at 4am this morning. It was not the first time either.

What happened was that earlier last night, I watched an episode of Fringe (Season 1, ep 6 to be exact). They conduct different (sometimes extremely weird) experiments on unwilling human guinea pigs in every episode. Hence the show's main theme; fringe science.

Anyway, in one scene, I saw a man holding up a lab rat. It could've had fur, but I covered my eyes so quickly, and also because my phobia (of rats) set in, so I thought I saw him holding up a furless, pink, rat. I covered my eyes as long as I could hear the rat's squeeks. Only much later did I find out from Eric that the rat was microwaved and bits of it splattered everywhere. If I had seen what happened, I can't begin to think what my nightmare was to become.

All I saw was maybe 2 seconds of the scene. I thought it would be alright.

I was wrong.

The nightmare started like all my other phobia-related nightmares. I had a pink, furless rat crawling under the covers with me. I'm wincing as I'm typing this (my legs are folded and tucked under my thighs for safety, for I'm imagining rats crawling beneath my chair). And of course, I can't upload a picture to explain myself better, I can never look at a picture of a furless rat. I'd probably wake the neighbours with my shrieking.

After waking up screaming the first time, I tried to coax myself back to sleep by thinking of meadows, oceans and beaches. I sung happy songs in my head. I managed to calm down a little but the image of more pink and red-ish looking rats crawling under my covers were very much still in my head. I screamed again.

I pictured more meadows and sunsets. I remembered this chant that my mother taught me to recite everytime I was afraid. I chanted those verses repeatedly until sleep took over.

As far as I could remember, all my nightmares were always phobia-related. I've dreamt about falling from high places(fear of heights), furless dogs (I do love dogs very much, but I'm phobic of pink, hairless ones), rats (with or without hair scares me just the same, the latter puts me in deep distress though), birds without feathers (please refer back to my fear of hairless animals). There must be more, but it's late and I shouldn't thinking of these images right before bedtime.

I've realized this is a rather lame post. I'll do better tomorrow.
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