It rained that morning when dad drove me to the jetty. The rain was slightly more than a drizzle. It was most inconvenient. I was going on a team (vacation) trip to Langkawi, it was a trip which had been postponed over the last 3 months or so, always over some team member who couldn't make it. So now that all the planning was put into action, we were all (I assumed everyone felt the same way, or it could just be me) bubbling with excitement.

Dad's driving made me a little sick as usual. Albeit the 10 minute drive was a fairly short distance, his cutting in and out of lanes always does the deed. He thinks he's the best driver in the world, not to mention the safest - as he has never gotten into an accident where it had been his fault before. That's dad.

The weather cleared up as soon as we left the pier. The condition of the ferry-boat terrible. Let's just say the laments of the general public about the state of the ferry-boats were the editted, pacified version.

(I started scribbling away as soon as I had a chance)

If the writing is unintelligible, let me help; my colleague Nat pointed to a guy with a bald patch the size of a (flattened) grapefruit and said he looked like Eric. I ignored her as the guy looked nothing like Eric, whom by the way is way hotter. Halfway through the trip, I had to go to the bathroom, and by golly! The flush doesn't work, the handle just hangs limply in its place. Fortunately the toilet seat cover was missing, God knows what color that might be. So I closed my eyes and concentrated hard to quickly pee and get out of there. Oh and the constant roaring engine right behind my seat was a little too much to take. I wouldn't know what to do without my ipod. However, far worse than the condition of the bathroom was the sweet wrappers stuffed into the armrest ashtray (smoking was not permitted, don't know why there were ashtrays). I was grossed out, to say the least, my co-worker had to cover the armrest with a page from her newspaper to shut me up.

(It was a two and a half hour ride, I got bored and started snapping pictures)

(Everyone else seemed to be fast asleep. I slept for a bit but the loud engine sound got into my dreams)

(The half peeled off tint on the window(s), there were visible bird shit on many of them)

When I finally saw land, I was more than happy to get off. We were finally there.

Stay tuned, my next entry brings you to another chapter of my trip: Langkawi Island.
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