This is the second part to my previous entry.

When we arrived at Langkawi pier, there was the usual hustle and bustle of people trying to push pass everyone else in order to get to their destinations. IMHO, there is absolutely no need as there are hundreds of taxis lined up, everyone gets their turn. Oh well, I've learnt over the years to just let things be.

Pardon my griping.

As we stepped off the ferry boat, dozens of tour drivers and car rental operators surrounded us; handing us name cards and flyers. There were so many and I felt a little sick from all the head shaking I made to the flyer distributions. After a few minutes I stuck myself between my boss (who is rather chunky) and a few girls, then I ignored my surroundings.

After getting our car rentals sorted out, we headed to our chalets; which by the way were quite acceptable, I must say. We stayed on Cenang Beach. The ocean was right behind our chalets (it was a shame that the sound of the waves couldn't be heard from the room). The bathroom was not icky, that was pretty much all I care about. In any case, I still decided to use my trusty bathroom slippers every time I shower. It's just part of my OCD issue which I'm still working on.

Again, sorry about the constant griping. I tend to do that a lot.

First stop was the cable car ride.

(Busted! Me trying to post for a picture for this entry)

(Each cable car could seat 6 people; these are the passengers in ours)

(Us; 652.5 m above sea level. It was breathtaking, to say the least)

I was so overwhelmed by all of it, I might have shedded a tear.

(This is everyone; that was a very very bright orange shirt my co-worker was wearing. Kind of blinded me a bit when I looked at him directly)

That was pretty much all we did on Day 1. That night after dinner, a few people were really tired from the travelling, so they curled themselves into tiny balls and hogged the beds. Some disappeared. Some stayed in the room and loaded themselves with alcohol, lots and lots of it. As Langkawi is an official duty-free island, alcohol is cheaper than water. Really.

I went down to a nearby reggae bar just watched people. There was also a fire/dance performance. I've seen plenty of those back home, so it didn't really catch my eye. I realized then how much Langkawi had changed within a year. Last year when I was there, everything was a lot cheaper and some of the beach bars are gone now.

I could be wrong; but the sunset seemed more beautiful then, but that was probably because I watched it with you.

Follow my next entry as I take you with us on our boat ride through the mangrove forest and much more!
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