Our second day in Langkawi was mostly spent out on the boat.

I love boat rides very much.

(It was a really beautiful day out )

I sat up on the deck up front, and I even managed to burn both my shoulders a little bit. Looking at our pictures when I got back, I realized one of my co-workers has a very weird-looking patch of chest hair.

(Take a look at this picture, see it?)

(See better now?)

Heh, enough with the silly stuff.

The trip started out great, with the waves beating against the boat and the wind hitting my face, I thought "life couldn't get any better than this!" I might have, no, I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I wanted to give up everything I own and just buy a yacht. Then I could do this everyday - until I get sick of it, and then I won't have any money left. He said he wants more than anything to do the same. A bunch of silly people we were.

The weather was perfect that day. I could see puffy clouds up ahead and birds flying in the distance. It was overwhelming. Really.

We were to go snorkeling near the corals. Finally we stopped near a little patch of sand surrounded by rocks (pardon my vocabulary, I'm not sure what is the exact term for a little patch of sand surrounded by rocks. "Lagoon" comes to mind a lot. But that's not right. So I'll post back here once I find out).

I was rather happy about getting out from the sun for a little while. As soon as we pulled up on the sand, I jumped right into the water. It was more refreshing then a cola on a hot day, so to say. I was enjoying myself very much until it happened.

I remembered being offered a pair of flippers but I refused saying it restricts my movements (I didn't really know what I was talking about, of course). I was happily swimming around and looking at the little fishies when I stepped on some thorny organisms living on the corals (so I was told) underneath. The thorns immediately penetrated my left foot. I must say, it was probably one of the most painful experiences I've ever felt. The boatman assured me it was alright and that many tourists had encountered the same problem. The thorns will dissolve by itself, so he says. At first it just stung a lot, then after the pain subsided, I sneaked a peak at my foot and I nearly fainted - the thorns were about 2mm's each and there were five of 'em. All stuck beneath my skin but still clearly visible. I started crying then. And there was a lot of yelling that followed.

After a while, the pain was gone but I was still very cautious about putting any pressure on my injured foot. So for the rest of the trip thereafter, I had to walk with a slight limp. After the snorkeling, we headed out further until we got to the mangrove forest. Some of the guys started humming the theme song from Indiana Jones. Some made Anaconda jokes. Others (mostly just me) were just happy to survive the foot incident and just gladly laughed along with the corny jokes.

Our final stop was one of the highlights of the boat ride. Deep in the mangrove forest, there was an eagle feeding site where we saw dozens of eagles flying around and swooping down to grab some food from the water surface.

(This is probably the closest I've been to a real eagle)

(Our cameras could not really capture the beauty of those birds. So here's a professional shot I've lifted off my friend's Facebook album. Here's the link to the original)

(A few of us before dinner, smiling is hard when you're hungry)

(Our group dinner. The lobster was gone within 2 minutes. I had a piece and the next thing I knew, the shell was all that's left)

It was a day well spent. Although I had a little accident but I think I still pretty much enjoyed the day.

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