So, I haven't been updating my blog again. I've been lazy, as usual. I do think about updating this several times a day. I scribbled pages and pages of notes just to prove how serious I've been about writing. But at the end of the day, the notes are still there. But no entry.

Since I'll be away for the weekend on a little company trip, I thought it's time for a little update. Who knows how much I'd miss the Internet while I'm away.

(Eric the Dinosaur on a work day)

For Eric is a wonderful man, I did a little drawing just for him while we were talking one evening. It's adorable how he could not perform simple tasks like uploading new pictures up on Facebook but could do amazing works with computer software. I constantly laugh at the nerd in him, but he knows how much I care about him, so I get away with it.

I must have mentioned how much I love packing before a trip. Any trip. And I love making lists.
(My To-Do List for the day, every little tick is a satisfaction)

This weekend I'm going to Langkawi with my work mates. It's a trip that we've talked about for months and it's finally kicking off. Truth be told, I'm not particularly ecstatic about this trip. It just will not be the same without Eric there. I wrote about mixed feelings the last time I was there. It was there and then that my feelings scared and excited me at the same time.

I'm glad that that little chapter worked out.

Now, back to the present, I think I'm all set for my little trip! I've got my ipod fully charged and loaded with tonnes of music and audiobooks to keep me company when it gets too mundane at the beach. Or when my co-workers get to drunk for that matter.
(My new ipod nano which I'm starting to get very attached to)

I've decided that this gadget will be my new best friend. For the moment anyway. I just love this little devil! Also on my list of must-brings, I have my trusty tubes of sunblock. I want to look tanned but I must not burn! A burnt, red nose should be the least of my worries right now. A few flirty sun dresses to hit the beach with, and of course, the ever essential sarong.

Let's wait for me to get back with more stories (and pictures. Hopefully). For now, I'm signing off with the hopes of having a great weekend =)

Cheers! x

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