I was supposed to be working on Saturday. That was the very reason why I went to the office that day. But instead, I got dragged (although I offered no resistance) to the mall beside our office block.

The year end mega-sale has apparently begun on that day. Hundreds of shoppers surrounded bins of discounted items (mostly clothes), these shoppers consisted of mostly women-folk. They dug deep into the bins to look for the items they wanted.

Once upon a time, I too shopped from discounted bins. So, safe to say I'm speaking from experience when I tell you that there will be lots of shoving. And pushing.

(The crowd at a Padini booth, prices were slashed down to 50-70% off, apparently the crowd went wild)

(I cannot comprehend this. Why can't people come back another day...? There's ALWAYS another day)

So here's how I spent my Saturday. Anyone else did anything productive?
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