As I've said before, I love Christmas.

I love the presents, I love the lights, and most of all, I like wrapping presents. I obsess about wrapping gifts as soon as I buy them. Once I bought Eric a little something and I rushed home from the mall just so I could wrap it up. I had also once spent an entire hour in the stationery corner of a bookstore looking at materials for gift-wrapping.

See, I don't just wrap my gifts in glossy paper and be done with it. I like making designs or an unusual detail on them, something which screams "Jillian made this!". Maybe I just love attention a little more than others.

But who doesn't.

My co-workers at the office are planning to exchange gifts during our Christmas party (It'll probably be dull, but it's my first office party since I joined, so I'll give it a chance). The party is not till the 20th this month, but since I love to shop, I bought mine yesterday.

Because of it, I could not go to bed before getting that out of the way.

I'd decided not to spend any money on buying extra materials since it's a small party (consisting of only our team members). I pulled out some of my leftover brown paper and an old magazine and got to work.

The one signature of my gifts is that some crazy old aunt can't expect to keep my wrapper(s). I always use glue instead of tape. I like ripping. So there's no reason why others shouldn't enjoy it as well.

I'm very thoughtful. I've always known that bit.

(I told you I was obsessed! Stop judging me!)

Looking at it now, my gift looks like a pimped up version of a mail parcel. But then again, I like receiving parcels. So there's no reason why anyone shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do.

I am very thoughtful. And I've always known that bit.
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