Eric is a sweet man. I must say he is one of the most amazing people I've ever had the chance to meet. Let alone date. However, when it comes to patience, we both have our issues. Issues I don't think I should dwell into because I really need to be in bed soon.

Like every other night, we were Skype-ing and the subject of impatience cropped up. Here's how part of it went:

Me: You're very impatient

(Eric looked like he was reading something on the monitor)

2 minutes later,

Eric: Hmm? What?

Me: (felt slightly annoyed that my earlier comment was ignored) I didn't say anything.

Eric: (calmly) You said I was impatient and I wasn't in a hurry to answer

I just had to laugh. That silly man.

Before I go, here's another part of my Yummy Nails collection. Enjoy!

(Tangerine Delight)

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