I've been on vacation for almost a week now.

Instead of waiting till I get back to Penang to start blogging (like I usually do) I'm going to do a short update of what's been going on so far.

Getting here was not as stressful as I had anticipated. There was only ONE large family crowding in front of the departure hall as they bade goodbye to their loved one; blocking all the other travelers this time. I know how hard it is to send someone off at the airport, but the whole family (including their friends) did not necessarily have to stand in front of the departure gate blocking everyone else.

On both flights (I had one transit) I had window seats (I regret my selection of seats and on my return flight, I'll make sure to choose aisle seats instead). On my flight to Hong Kong, I sat next to a Chinese man; who was very nice I might add. He helped me tuck my luggage into the overhead compartment (as I couldn't reach) but boy, he had the worst cigarette breath ever!! I smelled the stale cigarette smell everytime he cleared his throat, coughed and of course when he talked. Mr Ciggy Breath was sandwiched between me and another Chinese man. I could see how uncomfortable the other man was. I'm not exaggerating. It was just very, very bad breath.

The temperature was -2 C when I got to Busan, South Korea. This is my first winter experience I might add so it was pretty neat to be freezing my butt off. That is, until I could not feel my hands anymore - I did not tell Eric because he would have a satisfied look on his face and say "I told you so" (he wanted me to wear my parka but I argued that my sweater was warm enough).

The following conversation is the first of the many funny ones I got to witness on this trip:-

We were at Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits at the airport.

The conversation was in Korean (which I didn't understand) but it probably went like this;
Eric: I want a burger, orange juice and one biscuit
Popeyes Staff: Oh, uh we're out of biscuits
Eric: No biscuits?! How can you have no biscuits?! It's Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits (points at the sign)
Staff: Yes, but we're out of biscuits right now
Eric: But I want my biscuit!
Staff: Uh...so it's one burger and one orange juice.
Eric: (Jokingly) I hate you.

I just laughed. I laugh at Eric a lot.

I'll post up more entries about this trip soon. Stay tuned =)
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