We woke up at 11am today I suppose. Eric's phone alarm goes off at 9.30am every morning and just like every other alarm tone, it was irritating (I would hate all my alarm tones after a few days, so I never use a song/rhythm I actually like). This morning the ring tone sort of made its way into my dream. I believe I was dreaming about driving around with this annoying song on the car radio. I tried to switch channels but every channel was playing the same tune.

As the title suggests, if there was a plant in the apartment, I would've sat down and watch it sprout leaves. I actually sat and did my nails for two hrs while listening to people from his Eve game forum ramble on and on (and on) the whole time.

So after doing and re-doing my nails twice or three times, trying on different colors, I gave up and settled with a bland looking french manicure. For some reason, the nail colors don't work very well today. It must be the weather.

(Design inspired by Youtuber Julieg713's Nail Flowers video)

Maybe I would watch plants grow again tomorrow. Yay.
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