This is the final part of my winter vacation entries.

Winter vacation is finally, truly over.

Actually I've been back from vacation for a little more than 2 weeks now. It's just that I've been sitting on my lazy bum most of the time and spending hours on Facebook that I haven't been updating my blog.

I've said before that everytime before and after my vacations, it takes a little more than a push to get me back to my work mode. It took some severe Erilecture* to get me up and kicking again.

Admittedly, we didn't spend a lot of time outdoors or sightseeing during this trip. However, sightseeing was never really my thing. Plus Masan is a pretty small town to begin with, I think it's safe to say that I've seen almost everything (worth seeing) during my visit last year (pls refer to previous entries for more details).

(All Bundled Up. Walking along town in Masan where all the stores were)

I was excited about being in the cold at first but after a few rounds of gearing up just to go outside for a minute, I started thinking about home. I thought about how easy it was to just put on a pair of shorts and a dirty old T-shirt everytime I need to run to the convenience store.

But now that I'm home I'm starting to hate the 30-33C. More on that in later entries...

Here are some highlights of my trip:-

We found a little cafe nearby that serves wonderful Jasmine tea. Eric got a kick out of the cute little tea set they used. See, they stuck a candle at the bottom of the teapot. Once the hot water soaks into the tea, the Jasmine flower blooms and that's when the tea is ready. Maybe it's because I'm not much a tea fan, but I've never seen anything like it.

The view of the water from the cafe was beautiful.

Then he made funny faces (click on photo to enlarge) and made me act cute with the giant teddy bear.

We spend most nights eating in since it's too cold to go outside. Besides, I'm not a big fan of Korean food.

They say men who can cook are hard to come by these days. I found mine and I'm keeping him. Although he tends to chase me out of the kitchen (for I can't cook, at all) then he rips open a bag of pasta and it spills everywhere.

I might be exaggerating just a little.

This is Luna, the neighbour's dog. She's no longer a baby but she still keeps her puppy smell. I love puppy smell =)

I had big, juicy strawberries everyday. Strawberries are a luxury here in a tropical country where I live. It cost a small fortune for a tiny little box of sour ones. Buying bigger ones will burn holes in my pockets - so I binge. Yay!

This vacation is nothing short of perfect (any vacation with you is perfect...) although we didn't get to go up the mountains or stay in that trailer-concept hotel that looked really nice due to overbooked transportation.

Before I sign off, here's another nail colour combination you could try ;)

(Just Beachy!)
+Orange as a base colour, topped with bright yellow and green+

*Erilecture - A kind of scolding slash lecture slash reproach because-I-care-about-you from Eric
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