I fail to understand how a regional manager could have such a bad command of English grammar. I cannot grasp the fact that my boss; who apparently graduated from Europe writes emails that even I could not understand.

It's probably wrong to disclose work-related matters here (on Blogger) but it wouldn't hurt if I kept my boss' identity a mystery, would it?

Below are a few examples of grammatical (and spelling) errors which I find to be extremely hilarious, if not stupid;

1. =Quote=

I will be taking this very seriously , anyone who breach the attendance will be handle by ER (huh? HR?) once found habitual in the trend. (again, what?)

It seems like majority of the TLs are not really care/responsible on this, with the freeze on hiring , global recession on the way, uncertain economic conditions, it would be a great deal if you lose your staff on this because TL didnt really care about people management, or responsible to put down the staffs activities. Do not come and cry in front of me if you lost 1 performer from your team because executing the penalty. (I read this paragraph twice before I realized what he wanted to put across)

Our sales teams should be running even faster and longer (it seems that we are Duracell-battery operated) this year. If still not sure what to do for their sales life, and not willing to improve. (Not willing to improve, period) Good luck to them. This is a year for survivor of the foetus (!!!!!!). Only the strong will stay in the difficult time.

2. =Quote=
"Please be inform from March 2009 Fish Day official cancelled." =Unquote=
(By "Fish Day", he meant Casual Fridays. Why it's called "Fish Day" remains a mystery)

3. And how about this one?;

4. =Quote=
All, I believed all have read the message by Mr Low below. (Mr Low is an actual person) (Product Name) and (Product Name) are very important product to the (office). All will be stress on the cross selling for (Product Name) and (Product Name). Tighted control and management and verification on cross selling is a neccessary!. All would have started months ago, if you have not pls do so immediately.
(I swear I cannot make this up even if I wanted to)

I can't even begin to discuss the way he talks. He enunciates alright - at all the wrong places, 'ed's and 's's will pop up everywhere within his speech. The best laughs however, comes from his MSPowerpoint presentations during departmental meetings, which he hosts every once a month. The grammatical errors on his slides are hilarious. I wish I could steal of copy of those (but I can't of course).

I have to admit that it might be a little mean, writing what I'm about to publish shortly, but this guy is an absolute idiot! I can't help but think of Steve Carell's character in The Office. He is EXACTLY like Michael Scott. Except he tries his very best to be everyone's enemy rather than their friend.

Before I end this post, as usual, here's a nail colour combination which I tried today, have a go and see if you like it:-

(Seeing Stripes!)
+ Horizontal black stripes on a yellow base colour, diagonal or vertical lines work just as well, try it out and see which one suits you best+

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