I can't recall all our (Eric and I) conversations but moments like these are hard to forget (especially if pictures are included).

(And they were taken without my consent btw)

(These are web cam pictures as you can tell from the quality)

Me using the video as a mirror while getting ready for an outing, probably to Soho's

I was probably trying to stiffle a laugh while Eric telling me a story and he caught me

When I said "Eww" too much

When I was afraid of the "pokey thing" and he wouldn't stop talking about it

"Non-tasty Milo"

I forgot why, but I was VERY upset!

I get nightmares whenever rats are mentioned close to bed time so I tried to shut my ears as he tried (in vain) to scare me

It's because of moments like these that I look forward to coming home to you everyday...
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