I was watching Matt Koval's video on Youtube (click on the link and check him out for yourself, he's brilliant).

Just so you know, this is the video I'm talking about:-

So it occured to me that he's absolutely right! People DO baby-talk when they're around dogs or cats and babies (obviously).

I'm sure Eric knows where this is leading. He baby talks everytime he sees a little dog or a cat running by. Some of our conversations sound like this;

(Imagine we're sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping coffee and watching people walk by
Me: Mmmm (sips coffee). So tell me about your day.

Eric: (Rubs head - he likes to do that) Ohhh, I had a long day. Blah blah blah, so you know, there's going to be a lof plann-- KEEEE-TY!! (bends down to pat unidentified woman's cat, pat pat pat...)

Me: (Smiles) Make sure you wash your hands later, you might get an alergy reaction*.

Eric: Oh! Don't be silly. Loooook at that kitty, aren't yoooou a cute little keeee-ty! Who's a cute little keeee-ty?!

Me: (Sips more coffee)

Woman goes away with her cat.

Me: You were saying?

Eric: Yeah, so there's going to a lot of planning and schedulling this week. I might have to-- (dog walks by) DOOOO-GY!!

Eric is a darling, and I believe he has invented a little thing called Luna-Talk.

He could baby-talks Luna for hours sometimes. It's entertaining for me.

I'm sure you all know someone in your life who does this.

I would be more than happy to hear about your experience!

* Eric is alergic to cats

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