It's really quite astonishing how increasingly pampered some Malaysians are turning out to be.

I could provide a myriad of occasions when I could safely say how despicably true a fact this is, but rather than filling the page with my incessant (and sometimes grudging) whines, I would only write about one particular issue - which irks me most.

Nowadays public restrooms are more inclined towards using push or censor taps instead of the conventional types whereby one would need to manually turn off the water after use. Gasp!

In case you are wondering, this is a push tap,
And this is the so-called conventional tap; used since the invention of the modern faucet, I believe,
Now, the real reason for the change could very well be modernization, practicality or simply because people are being sheep. Or lemmings.

(Actually I don't think the lemming reference suits the context, but anyhow...)

Recently I find that most Malaysians are so used to push taps that when faced with a conventional one, they forget to turn it off! I have come across wash basins with regular taps with the water left running for god-knows-how-long numerous times; in shopping malls mostly, but the last straw was last week when I saw the same thing in the restroom at the office. I work in a bank, therefore bank employees are supposed to be educated enough to use such a device.

(For a large banking corporation such as mine, you'd think the staff they hire are somewhat semi-professional or at least competent. You are wrong, but more on that in my upcoming entry)

Now, I don't know how this is possible. I mean, unless everyone has installed push taps at home - which I doubt, as these are extremely inconvenient
(imagine your hands are all soapy and you'll have to use your arm to push for more water) they should be able to do such a meagre task.

I know I'm no expert on the subject, but I'd put in my two cents' worth anyway. The reason push taps were invented was because of people like that. Mindless people who leave the water running far too long beyond what is necessary. When one is checking their teeth in the public restroom, there is no need to leave the water running. The same goes to when one is sprucing up their hair. Unfortunately, a true pampered Malaysian does leave it running.

"Why turn the water off since it's free?"
Or in hotels, "Why save water since we've paid for it?" Unsurprisingly, I got the latter from one of my close friends. I might have advised her about the unfortunate people in India whose daily lives are plagued with droughts and that water shortage is a common, ongoing concern. If I remember correctly, she shrugged it off with a laugh and implied that I was being stupid for wanting to save water for the hotel.

(In some parts of the world, queuing up for clean water is a daily routine)
Image Source: The Sacramento Bee

I admit that I'm not this passionate about everything, I just don't want to have to resort to drinking out of the drain sometime in the near future.

The Ugly Malaysian does it again.

Note: Before I get hate-mails and angry comments, I must stress that when I write about the Ugly Malaysian, I don't mean the whole nation behaves like that. However, it is unfortunate that a VERY VERY large handful turned out this way. It could be that the education system failed them, or that they just need more global exposure.
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