Sometimes I feel that I have random thoughts; the kind that floats around aimlessly in my head. Most of the time they're not even focused on a specific subject.

I once stared at my calculator and repeated the word "Casio" over and over in my head. Of course, I didn't realize what I was doing at that time. I'm pretty sure it would look like I'm tripping on shrooms.
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Given a choice of item(s) to bring with me into a boring speech/meeting, I'd take a notebook and an ink-based pen over anything else (I believe). I hate writing long paragraphs with ball-point pens. It's not even interesting to look at my own scribbling after I'm done, not to mention the extreme hand ache I get later.

If anyone ever wondered where all my random entries came from; it's from my notebook. The one I scribble on in the office instead of doing any actual work. I'd usually come home and post it here after fixing my spelling and sometimes construct better sentences to make my entry sound more dramatic than it really is - so now you know. I admit that I cannot spell. Kids in spelling bees are probably much better spellers than I am.

(Here's a sample of a draft on my upcoming entry - don't be alarmed, the spelling/grammatical errors are there on purpose, you'll see)

Then sometimes I have a sudden, random thought; the kind that needs tweeting.

Here's a crazy one right now;

I should probably keep these notebooks with me till one day my grand kids find it and then it somehow (magically) ends up being made into a movie (gasp!). Or published. A memoir!
(Note to self: must include more notes/descriptives about self; eyes - dark brown, average height--).
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