There is nothing conventional about my dad. Admittedly he has a few obsessive compulsions that one might refer to as quirks.

Many times I've considered myself being rather obsessive compulsive as well, but my dad is the father of all OCD behavior! Well, like father like daughter?

Dad is a perfectionist if anything, although sometimes certain things he does may be regarded as being a little odd strange. Nevertheless I guess I would not trade my dad for anything (except maybe someone who looks like Dwayne Johnson in The Game Plan; which still holds my vote for being my favorite family comedy.

This Father's Day, I think it's time to look at some of the things my dad does with a touch of humor:-

Dad ♥s His Car(s)
- He never fails to pop open his car bonnet as soon as he comes back from work; just so that the engine cools faster
- He reminds us to shake off sand/gravel off our shoes before getting into the car(s); just so the floor mats do not get soiled
- Dad wipes his car(s) every 2 days if not everyday; this would preserve the car's paintwork for many many years to come. Also, any traces of bird shit MUST be wiped off immediately, even if he needs to stop at a gas station to do this.

Dad @ Home
- Turns all our laundry inside out before he hangs them out to dry (even T-shirts, which do not have pockets/layers); his reason being they would dry faster. There is a ceiling fan attached on the roof for that extra spin-dry!
- He secretly loves watching the bubbles in the washing machine (as much as I do probably). I caught him sticking a piece of magnet on the machine cover (to prevent it from detecting that the top is open) and stood watching it spin for a quite a while - many times; but he is denying this.
- He also denies this but he loves bringing in the laundry. Even when we could still feel a bit of dampness on the towels. He would fold the towels nicely too.

Old Habits Die Hard
- During every home cooked meal, dad compares how much each dish would cost if we ordered it at a restaurant. He does this daily.

and last but not least, my dad on

Being a Dad
- If there is one thing that defines my dad, it would be his advice. Dad loves giving advice. Sometimes Often he forgets that he had told us the same one over 50 times already; but we let him tell it anyway because this is part of a dad's job, isn't it? Drill it into our heads?
- Being a Dad is a 24/7 job. Sometimes he takes it upon himself to lecture our friends (and boyfriends)

And most importantly, my dad wants us to eat our breakfast in time. He would keep knocking on our bedroom door(s) and does his signature non-stop-whistling until we give up trying to stay in bed for another 10 minutes.

My dad may not be a conventional one, but deep down we all know we would not change a thing about him because these are the qualities that we grew to love so much.

...And this is nothing like a conventional Father's Day entry.

(Picture Source: http://postmessages.blogspot.com/)
And no, my dad never did this to me

Happy Father's Day!

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