I am now not just a procrastinator, I am also a human sloth. I have written countless, yes, COUNTLESS blog entries in my head. Obviously these did not get published. I have managed to scribble some of these "entries" down on my P.I (Pad of Ideas, which I find to be quite a cool name for a notebook) but honestly, I don't really know when I'll get to it.

However, before I lose any more followers, however FEW I have, here's a little something to share.

It has been quite a long running tradition for me to make cards for my loved ones. And rule number one is that I never buy cards for my boyfriends. I've probably mentioned before how much I love making cards and wrapping gifts, so every year, I look forward to occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays just so that I could make these.

Eric's birthday is not till another couple of weeks, therefore I will not ruin it by showing what's inside

(The 100% handmade cards)

Just for you.

I will post more pictures next week. Hopefully.

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