I recently purchased this:

It's quite funny how things turned out. I have been smoking since I was 21 and had only managed to kick the habit about 2 months ago (when I was about a month over 24). It's safe to say I wasn't THAT addicted but it was equally hard to quit regardless.

How I ended up buying this cute-little-lighter-that-I-can't-stop-holding-on-to was this; I headed over to the specialized store to pick one for Eric's birthday. I managed to find just the perfect one for him but I also caught myself staring at this one. Mainly because it is pink. I now truly believe that girls will always be girls and the colour pink attracts us like light attracts bugs.

After all those weeks of suffering sheer determination through watching people smoke in movies, on the streets, at work and in my mind, I've decided that I shouldn't let all that hard work go down the drain. I've since come up with a list of things to do with it (instead of lighting cigarettes, obviously)

1) Carry it in my bag all the time so that when my friends are fumbling for their lighters, I'd coolly flip open my pink Zippo and offer them a light

2) Light my incense pots and scented candles (Eric suggested this and I've already made a face and scolded him)

3) Er, I dunno, practise flipping it open?

I can actually see the pointlessness of this entry. Will write something more interesting soon. I promise.
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