I'm out in the countryside.

There were deer and bunnies hopping along. Very country.

These are things I've taken for granted in Malaysia and have gotten so used to, and now that I don't have it, I feel terribly homesick.

1) Bits and pieces of trash everywhere (cigarette butts, drink cans, etc)

2) The non-existence of toilet paper in public toilets

3) People wearing scowling expressions on the streets

4) Smoking in coffee shops (well, I genuinely miss this one)

5) How wonderfully balmy and hot it is. Balmy and hot

6) Traffic jams

7) Terrible internet speed

8) Rude store attendants (I know I mustn't generalize, but I do always seem to run into this sort)

9) Overpriced imported goods

10) Notices written in broken English
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