Okay, so every girl has it all planned from the young age of four.

As far as marriage proposals go, I believe a girl's dream proposal scene changes as she grows older.

At age
4; a pumpkin-shaped carriage would carry her prince charming up to her front door - wearing all white of course; a la Prince Charming from Cinderella would walk up to her doorstep and got down on one knee. Then asks for her hand in marriage.

(The Cinderella Carriage; picture taken from http://www.honolulucarriage.com)

At age 12; a boyish, somewhat Leonardo DiCaprio-looking (Jack, role in Titanic) male replaces Prince Charming. "Leo" hops off his motorcycle and over the front porch banister AND fights off an abusive parent/loser current boyfriend (and probably suffers a few minor cuts and bruises in the process) in order to profess his undying love for her. Then they kiss (lightly) on the lips before he asks her to marry him.

(For some reason, I was never that crazy over "Leo". But I know young girls [still?] used to go K.R.A.Z.Y over him)

At age 18; Penn Badgley (Scott; role from John Tucker Must Die) steps into the picture. This mystery character acts tough, but she knows for a fact that; deep down the man has a heart of gold. The mild mannered man has been secretly harboring feelings for the young girl but was never offered the chance to date her because she is surrounded by her popular but jerky high school boyfriend. Finally after a purely coincidental incident that brought them together, the poor guy finally has a chance to confess his feelings and he proposes.

(I'm no longer 18, so please correct me if I'm wrong - that girls that age DO NOT find him attractive. I know I never did)

After the age of 21, I suppose the fairy tale marriage proposal scene slowly plays into something that resembles real life. It becomes more realistic, more real. This is when they realize that men nowadays do not or simply cannot afford to own (or rent) a horse-drawn carriage just to ask for her hand in marriage. Also men do not will not risk their lives for a woman who might not be willing to spend the rest of her life with him. And most importantly, when a girl is surrounded with not-so-bright-popular boys in high school, she probably has the same level of intelligence as them - a turnoff in the long run. It is highly unlikely that a man of normal intelligence would pursue such a girl anyway.

I recently got engaged. My proposal was nothing like the above but not any less wonderful. Will share that here once I get my eye bags rested - good night and I hope the entry above brings back good memories.

*This entry is in no way referring to my own fantasies, and any resemblance is purely coincidental*
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  1. Jessica Says:

    I must admit, I was never really intrigued by the Prince Charming in his shining armor idea. I wasn't AT ALL crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio, and I never did find Penn Badgley attractive.

    :)There! But I guess they are all good examples, many girls are crazy over these guys. Which is ridiculous. No offense, people =)

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