I've said this before, I love travelling, it's the part of actually getting there that I hate. So after the episode at the Penang airport yesterday, the day never took a turn for the better after all (it ought to!). We got on a plane filled with chinese people from China. No offence intended. It was just unlucky that we got the bunch which were loud and noisy, and rude.

While the Business class passengers had ample leg room and a deck to put their feet up, us not-so-lucky Economy class passengers were merely sardines. It doesn't matter that economy passengers occupy the most part of the plane, there were only about 4 lavatories to be shared among us. With all the chinese senior citizens (again, no offence intended) needing to use the lavatory every 5 mins, every bathroom visit required a 20-min long waiting period.

The flight definitely was NOT pleasant. However, there is never a dull moment travelling with Eric - as the following pictures depict:

Waiting for our next flight at the Hong Kong International Airport

Eric insisted on wearing a wet towel under over his head so that his eyes and nose stay moisturized. He didn't believe me when I told him that he looked stupid.

The Shoe Cake: Eric wanted to save the cake for later but he was afraid that the flight attendant will take away, so he deviced a brilliant plan to hide it away from them; hiding the cake in his shoe. Again, he refused to listen when I explained how unhygienic it was

After 10 hours or more everyone got really restless on the plane. However it seems that the woman sitting next to me had no problems with that. She slept through most of the flight.
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