I have once again proven to myself that I cannot keep up with all this blogging (but I do love blogging though). Mfft, I don't think you'd believe me anyway when I say I have a whole stack of scribbles yet to be constructed into sentences. I really do have 'em! Ok, some of which are merely ideas, the kind that plays in your mind over and over but you just ignore them?

Despite NOT having a valid reason for all this, I have thrilling news though. Currently I am on transit at the Hong Kong International Airport awaiting my next flight, which is in 4 hrs. New York here I we come!

I will attempt to keep everyone posted about details of this month-long trip whenever I can. Yes, I know, only the annoying interesting details right?

Ok, how about this;
Day 1: Arrived early at the airport at home and was pretty much ecstatic until I stepped into the tobacco store. The events that followed;

Me: *Walks around the store a few times looking for a certain brand of cigarette for Eric*

Me: *Gives up, walks over to counter guy/cashier -soon to be named "Idiot/Moron"*

Me: Hi, excuse me *smiles warmly* do you carry (Brand Name)s here?

Cashier/Idiot/Moron: *Did not look up from his cash machine* No

Me: Oh okay then...*looks around the terminal* Is this the only tobacco store around here?

Cashier/Idiot/Moron: *Continues his very interesting analysis of his cash register* Yes

I simply cannot believe this kind of behaviour from Malaysians. Not only I smiled warmly at him, I was also being polite! I believe in being polite to people who have to work over the counter (it's rather boring isn't it?).

So yes, I rolled my eyes at him and walked away without a word.

For the latest updates, check out my twitter link on top =)
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